Forty Years Ago: Change Afoot

Forty Years Ago: Change Afoot

Seventeen people were killed in a cyclone that lashed the Saurashtra coast.

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The Indian Express as on 24 October, forty years back

Several ideas regarding changes in the Constitution had been worked out, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said in an interview to a news agency. She declined to spell out the changes and said these would be preceded by wide-ranging debate. Some groups, including those set up by the Congress, had looked at them. But the PM added that she wanted more people — and not just intellectuals — involved in the process.

Janata Wins

The Janata Front wrested control of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation from the Congress, winning 39 of the 51 seats. The Congress had controlled the corporation for the past three terms. The front has decided to contest municipal polls in other cities in Gujarat, including Surat, Baroda and Ahmedabad.

Gujarat Cyclone

Seventeen people were killed in a cyclone that lashed the Saurashtra coast. Over 2,000 houses were destroyed in Jamnagar alone, according to Gujarat Minister Hemaben Acharya. Jamnagar town had to go without water supply for two days due to the cylcone, reports said. As the cyclonic storm crossed 50 km north of Surendranagar, authorities began to restore road, railway, water and electricity amenities.

Housing For Poor

A bill proposing socialisation of urbanisable land was being finalised, K. Raghu Ramaiah, minister for works, housing and urban development, said. The government was determined to go ahead with the bill so that housing could be provided to low-income groups and economically weaker sections.

Nobel For Montale

Italian poet Eugene Montale won the Nobel prize for literature. Montale, 79, belonged to the “hermetic” school of poetry begun in 1930s.