Forty Years Ago, April 22, 1979: Thakur vs Das

Forty Years Ago, April 22, 1979: Thakur vs Das

The Indian Express' Front Page on April 22, 1979

The Indian Express’ Front Page on April 22, 1979

A fresh crisis is feared in the Janata Party as the erstwhile Bharatiya Lok Dal and some suppoters of the former Bihar chief minister, Karpoori Thakur, have decided not to coperate with the new ministry in the state headed by new CM and socialist leader, Ram Sunder Das, “so long as RSS elements are in it.” The BLD group at a meeting today, attended among others by Raj Narain and S N Mishra, decided that no one from among them should join the ministry. They also decided to work for toppling Das’ ministry either from inside the state legislature party or on the floor of the Assembly. The move has the blessings of the deputy prime minister, Charan Singh, according to a party spokesman.

Vinoba Bhave Fasts

High-level efforts are on to persuade Vinoba Bhave to give up his threatened fast on the cow-slaughter issue. The Union home minister, H M Patel, tonight rushed a wireless message to the chief ministers of 14 states asking them whether they will agree on changing their state laws banning the transport of cows to slaughter houses outside their states where there is no total ban on cowslaughter. The chief ministers of Kerala and West Bengal have rejected Bhave’s plea for a total ban. Patel is reportedly working on the presumption that if cows are not transported to Kerala and West Bengal, a formula may be found to save Bhave’s life.

Zia on India

Pakistan president General Zia-ul-Haq, said that relations between his country and India were “very delicate”. At a news conference in Rawalpindi, General Zia referred to the Jamshedpur riots and said, “I have conveyed my feelings to the Indian government.” He also expressed his sympathy with those affected in Jamshedpur. Zia also said that Pakistan was not building a uranium enrichment plant, but vowed his nation would continue efforts to acquire nuclear technology.