Forty Years Ago, April 20, 1979: Bihar CM Resigns

Forty Years Ago, April 20, 1979: Bihar CM Resigns

The Indian Express' front page on April 20, 1979

The Indian Express front page on April 20, 1979
The Indian Express’ front page on April 20, 1979

Bihar chief minister Karpoori Thakur tendered his resignation to the acting governor, K B N Singh. This followed his failure to win the vote of confidence from the Janata Legislature Party. Singh accepted his resignation and urged him to continue in office till alternate arrangements were made. The JLP is meeting again soon to elect another leader. The defeat of Thakur, who held office for 22 months, betokens the settling up of scores with the BLD, which kept the Jana Sangh out of power in Uttar Pradesh.

Charan Singh’s Move

After squaring up with the BLD in Bihar for the defeat in Uttar Pradesh, the Jana Sangh group in the Janata is expecting Charan Singh to retaliate at the Centre. Jana Sangh leaders fear that Singh may well threaten to quit the cabinet if their nominees, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L K Advani and Brijlal Verma, are not ousted from the government. Knowing Morarji Desai’s resistance to any such suggestion, Jana Sangh leaders wonder if Singh’s close supporters have already reached an understanding with the other constituents of the Janata as well as with the Congress. It is argued that in case Singh threatens to resign, he must be willing to back it up with numbers in the Lok Sabha to be able to precipitate “things”, if need be.

Mishra Death Probe

V M Tarkunde, an eminent jurist, is believed to have proposed in a report submitted to the central government that the case filed by the CBI accusing some persons of having murdered the former railway minister, L N Mishra, should be withdrawn. Also, a fresh inquiry should be ordered into the explosion which caused the death of the minister on January 2, 1975. Tarkunde, who gave his report after examining the documents connected with the case in February — at the request of the Bihar government — opines that the case filed by the CBI is not factual, and those accused of the crime have been wrongly implicated.