December 4, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Aligarh riots

December 4, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Aligarh riots

The role of K K Navman, the local Janata leader, has been mentioned.

Indian Express front page

The Minorities Commission has found that the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) was involved in the recent Aligarh riots. It has demanded its immediate removal from the city. In its 20-page report submitted to the prime minister the Commission suggested the formation of another force drawing members from the minority communities as well, for replacing the PAC. While the Commission has not said anything about the involvement of the RSS, it has pointed out that some members of the local unit of the Janata Party, who were associated with the RSS, took part in the riots. The role of K K Navman, the local Janata leader, has been mentioned.

RSS ridiculed

Former Union Health Minister, Raj Narain, took exception to the concept of a Hindu Nation and ridiculed the RSS Chief, Balasaheb Deoras, for equating Hinduism with India. In a scathing attack on the RSS at the concluding session of the two-day Madhya Pradesh Janata Forum Conference in Bhopal, he cited Deoras’ remarks at an RSS rally in Lucknow last month that said basically all Indians were Hindus. He read out a newspaper report in which Deoras was quoted as saying that conversion to Islam or Christianity did not mean that the person was no more a Hindu. He called upon the Janata Party leaders “not be whimsy about such communal propaganda”.

False claims

The claim of three city medical scientists in Calcutta on the adoption of the embryo-transfer technique for the birth of the world’s second test tube baby has been held as “unconvincing and disappointing” in the absence of scientific data and documents to substantiate it. This conclusion has been reached by the six-member expert committee headed by M K Dasgupta, head of the Department of Radio Physics and Electronics, Calcutta University, which was appointed by the West Bengal Government about a month ago to examine and report on the claim.