August 22, Forty Years Ago: Mars Ahoy

August 22, Forty Years Ago: Mars Ahoy

A look at the front page of Indian Express on August 22, published forty years ago.

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August 22, Forty Years Ago

Mars Ahoy
America’s Viking spacecraft was streaking through space to look for evidence of life on Mars. A giant Titan-Centaur rocket aimed the Viking on to a perfect trajectory following a flawless launch a day ago.

Murders In Dacca
The wife of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, his three sons and two daughters-in-laws and 10 other inhabitants from the Sheikh’s house were killed along with the Sheikh during the coup in Bangladesh on August 15, said a journalist, Richard Threlkeld, who arrived in Calcutta from Dacca. He said all 18 inhabitants of the Sheikh’s house had been slain. Four young majors were behind the coup. The houses of two of the Shiekh’s nephews and of his close associates were also raided and some killings took place there too. The daughters-in-law killed were the newly married wives of Sheikh Kamal and Sheikh Jamal. Truckloads of troops had raided Sheikh Mujib’s house.

Making Peace
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said it was a “little too early” to comment on a national reconciliation while answering a question if she would welcome a move by someone like Sheikh Abdullah towards a national reconciliation with the withdrawal of both the Jayaprakash Narayan movement and the spirit behind it. “It depends on what you mean by ‘reconciliation’ because on previous occasions also, Mr Jayaprakash Narayan has said that he had no objection to reconciliation, but at the same time he was carrying on his agitation, and he was not condemning the hate campaign which was vitiating the atmosphere. The two things cannot go together,” she said.

Cheap Movies
The Delhi administration decided to reduce the price of all cinema tickets by 10 per cent. The retail price of eggs was fixed at 35 paise for large eggs and 33 paise for the small ones.