August 20, 1976, Forty Years Ago

August 20, 1976, Forty Years Ago

Today in history

MISA Debate

Home Minister Brahmananda Reddy said the MISA was not only directed against the forces of destabilisation and violence, but also against forces which might, under the cover of support to the government, try to act in an aggressive or violent fashion disturbing the peace of a certain area. He made this observation in response to a query by Indradeep Sinha of the CPI in the Rajya Sabha while replying to the discussion on the MISA (Second Amendment) Bill, 1976. The bill was later passed by the house. When Sinha wanted to know who should sit in judgment cases, the minister remarked: “People on the spot.” The home minister said the CPI stand on this issue was inconsistent. It had given “lame excuses” for opposing the measure. He said the party was not against MISA as such as it did not want the release of reactionaries, members of the banned organisations and smugglers.

Africans Shot

Eight Africans were shot dead by the police and a further 20 wounded as South Africa’s black townships uprising found a new flash point in Port Elizabeth, an Ocean port. The police said riot squads had been forced to fire several times as groups of up to 1,000 blacks rampaged through townships, setting fire to buildings and looting shops.

Luna 24 Returns

The Soviet lunar probe, which landed on the moon on March 18, was on its way back to earth, Moscow radio said.

NAM Summit

Heads of state of non-aligned nations reaffirmed their determination to play a more direct part in the search for “just and equitable solutions” to world problems. The document finalised for the approval of the summit declares that relaxation of international tensions could not be secured through the policy of balance of power, spheres of influence, rivalry between power blocs, military alliances and the arms race.