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August 12, 1981, Forty Years Ago: More Rain Woes

The fierce Ghagra had been eroding the bund for weeks.

This a the front page of The Indian Express published on August 12, 1981.

The Ghagra and the Rapti wrought havoc on more villages on August 11 as flood waters breached the tenuous remains of the Turtipar-Srinagar bund at a village in Ballia district. The fierce Ghagra had been eroding the bund for weeks. It cut a 50-metre wide breach in the bund at Chandpur village, said Murli Shyam Manohar, the Uttar Pradesh relief commissioner in Lucknow. He told newsmen that no damage had been done so far because the flood waters gushing through the breech were being held by a retiring bund about 500 metres away from the main bund. According to the relief commissioner, at least 50 villagers are likely to be affected in case the retiring bund also gave away.

Limaye Challenged

Madhu Limaye’s claims of a Lok Dal-Janata-Congress (U) consensus on merger into a united party was challenged by the members of Congress (U) and Janata Party. Though the Lok Dal president Charan Singh refused to comment on the subject, a section of his party was unhappy over what some of the party leaders described as “premature publicity to the merger plan”. Janata Party President Chandrashekar said Limaye had “given a distorted picture and that did not serve the cause of Opposition unity”. Congress (U) general secretary K P Unnikrishnan was more forthright in denial.

IMF Loan Sought

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Finance Minister R Venkataraman said in a radio interview that there was no need to be apprehensive about taking a big loan from the IMF. He said the “government will certainly not do anything derogatory to its self-respect and India has a very high reputation internationally as a borrower”. He said the Government was negotiating for 5 billion SDRs (special drawing rights), a loan of Rs 5,000 crores.

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