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Wrongful detention

CPM supported Sushilkumar Shinde’s directive to the states to ensure that no innocent Muslim was wrongfully detained in terror cases.

The CPM has supported Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s directive to the states to ensure that no innocent Muslim was wrongfully detained in terror cases. “Finally,after many years,the Union home minister has responded to the demand made by many secular forces in the country to undo the wrong of detaining innocent Muslim youth in connection with terror cases,thereby depriving them of their fundamental right,enshrined in our Constitution,to life and liberty,” an editorial in party weekly People’s Democracy says.

It also notes the objections raised by the BJP. “The RSS/ BJP’s outbursts against the home minister’s letter are understandable because they seek the very negation of this republican order of modern India. Their ideological project is to transform the modern Indian republic into the RSS version of a rabidly intolerant fascistic ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

“It is,therefore,not surprising that any effort to ensure equality of justice and liberty to religious minorities is considered by them as ‘appeasement’ or ‘votebank politics’. Ironically,it is the RSS/ BJP that is guilty of practicing the worst form of ‘votebank politics’ by sharpening communal polarisation,” it argues.


An editorial in the CPI(ML) weekly ML Update discusses Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to the US. “Ahead of the 2009 Lok Sabha elections,Manmohan Singh had clinched the Indo-US nuclear deal with George Bush in 2008. Five years later,as India awaits the general elections of 2014,Singh was back in America to open up India’s national exchequer to American companies in mega defence and nuclear purchase agreements,” it claims.


The editorial talks about the joint statement issued at the Barack Obama-Manmohan Singh meeting relating to enhanced defence,economic and foreign policy cooperation between the two countries. “Manmohan Singh’s ‘short working visit’ also finalised initial agreements for India to purchase exorbitantly expensive and technologically untested nuclear reactors from the US… While [he avoided committing to any formal and explicit dilution of the liability clause for nuclear suppliers… India is already ‘compensating’ American companies for their possible ‘liability burden’ by agreeing to pay much higher prices,” it states.

Referring to reports about snooping by the US,it argues that while the US calls India a valued and key ally,it subjects India to intrusive surveillance,and “India’s growing economic and strategic subservience to US imperialism” prevented Singh from raising the issue with Obama.


CPI journal New Age examines the controversy over Rahul Gandhi’s public rejection of the ordinance on lawmakers. “The ordinance drama enacted by the Congress ‘high command’… has thoroughly exposed not only the head of the ruling combination,the Congress party,but almost all other political parties barring two — the CPI and the BJD,” it says.

“The political parties,both from the ruling combination as well as opposition NDA,were against the verdict as they have large number of ‘elected representatives’ within their ranks who have been or may be convicted for serious charges like corruption,misappropriation of public funds,robbery,rape and even murder. All of them wanted the law to be amended to nullify the Supreme Court verdict.” Taking a dig at the BJP,it argues that the party played a trick,deciding to delay the passage of the bill as the first victims were only going to be from the Congress or its allies.

It argues that the criminalisation of politics and the role of money and muscle power in the electoral process cannot be solved by piecemeal measures like honouring the SC verdicts on status of convicted MPs and MLAs or allowing voters to reject all candidates. “The country needs thorough electoral reform and a definite change in the current system of first-past-the-pole. We need to opt for proportional representation if the role of money and muscle power that is the basic cause of criminalisation of politics has to be reduced,if not eliminated totally,” it concludes.

Compiled by Manoj C.G.