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Friday, July 20, 2018

Work for Akhilesh

Kanya Vidya Dhan was a very popular move by the previous SP government.

Written by Seema Chishti | Published: March 30, 2012 3:12:12 am

Work for Akhilesh

The Lucknow-based weekly,Jadeed Markaz (Urdu in Devnagari),in a commentary on March 18 writes: “As soon as the vote counting finished on March 6,one witnessed something like a flood of violence. Partly,the reason for it was that in a fit of enthusiasm,Samajwadi Party (SP) workers raised a furore… Another reason was a conspiracy hatched by some district officials… But the strict posture of the young chief minister brought order among party workers with one stroke that brought a sudden change in the behaviour of the conspiring officials…”

Describing Uttar Pradesh’s new CM Akhilesh Yadav as the “sun of hope” (ummeed ka suraj),Lucknow’s daily,Aag,writes that “the youth have welcomed the announcement about the unemployment allowance. Kanya Vidya Dhan was a very popular move by the previous SP government. The present plan of giving scholarships to Muslim girl students can be taken as an extension of that plan.” The Kolkata-based daily,Azad Hind,in its editorial on March 12 writes: “Now that the son of a secular-minded leader,Mulayam Singh,has come to power,there is every hope he would never let his secularism be wounded and the thousands of young Muslims rotting in the state’s jails for years,without a hearing,would be accorded justice… and given government jobs.” The Delhi-based weekly,Nai Duniya,edited by SP leader Shahid Siddiqui (March 18),draws attention to the fact that “Akhilesh,in the first meeting of his cabinet made it clear that the promises made for Muslims were not merely for securing their votes,as has been done by the Congress for the last 64 years.”

Drama Didi

DESCRIBING West Bengal CM and Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee’s response to the railway budget presented by Dinesh Trivedi,as “a drama of the TMC,” the daily Siasat,published from Hyderabad and Bangalore writes: “Instead of emphasising reducing the burden on railway passengers,Mamata Banerjee decided to remove her own party’s leader,Dinesh Trivedi… The people are surprised the Congress went down on its knees (ghutne tek diye) before the TMC…” Another Hyderabad daily,Munsif,in its editorial on March 20 raises a constitutional issue: “The question is whether a decision with regard to the appointment of a minister can be taken in this manner?” The daily Inquilab,published from Mumbai,Delhi,Lucknow,Kanpur and Bareilly,in its editorial on March 20,states Mamata was unhappy with a “self-assertive” Trivedi and was looking for an opportunity get him removed from his ministerial post. Rashtriya Sahara,in its editorial on March 16,hazards a guess regarding the predicament of the prime minister following the TMC drama. It writes: “The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh might now be realising he had lost a reliable ally in the form of the Left Front for a profit-less nuclear treaty and the one with whom he forged an alliance is not letting him sit in peace…”

Budget session

THE Union budget has been criticised by almost all sections of the Urdu press: ‘Sara bojh aam aadmi par’ (the entire burden on the common man,Siasat),‘Mehangayi barhane wala budget’ (price-raising budget,Munsif),‘Rookha-pheeka budget’ (dry and tasteless budget,Inquilab),‘Zindagi ho gayi garaan kuch aur’ (life has become costlier,Rashtriya Sahara),‘Pranab dada ki mehfooz chaal’ (Pranab dada’s safe move,Rahnuma-e-Deccan),‘Raahat kum,masaeb zyada’ (less relief,more trouble,Qaumi Tanzeem),‘Aam budget mein aam aadmi ko hi jhatka’ (jolt to the common man in the general budget,Sahafat).

The “paltry allocation” in the budget for minorities’ welfare has drawn criticism,with some even hinting at political motives. Noted columnist,Naseem Aarfi,writes in Delhi daily,Jadeed Khabar (March 20): “The share of the Ministry of Minority Affairs is only Rs 3,135 crore,a paltry increase of Rs 385 crores (14 per cent) compared to last year’s Rs 2,750 crore. This resulted from the lack of firm decisions for minorities before the budget.” Islamuddin Mujahid,in Munsif (March 23),says: “It seems the Congress has exacted revenge on Indian Muslims following their defeat in the UP.”

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