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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Viva Hugo

The CPI’s New Age dubbed Chavez’s victory as a triumph of socialism.

Published: October 17, 2012 3:54:40 am

Viva Hugo

The CPM and CPI journals celebrated Hugo Chavez’s re-election to Venezuela’s presidency for the fourth term. People’s Democracy devoted its editorial to Chavez’s victory,saying it has ensured regional cooperation among South American countries,who can proceed in their quest for a “path free of neoliberalism and imperialist domination.” Venezuela,it declares,has been the pivot in the Left advance in Latin America with Bolivia and Ecuador providing support and solidarity.

The CPI’s New Age dubbed Chavez’s victory as a triumph of socialism. “Since taking power in 1999,Chavez has become a global flag bearer of ‘anti-imperialism’… Chavez is a fierce US critic and the leading voice of Latin America’s left allied with communist ally Cuba. His win is a historic triumph in the Latin American countries,” an article says.

Both the CPM and CPI alleged that the US has been trying to destabilise the government headed by Chavez and has poured in funds to finance the opposition. The articles,however,point out that Venezuela faces serious problems like rampant crime,inflation and drug trafficking,which need to be tackled.

Liberal loot

An editorial in the CPI weekly New Age argues that the Congress and the BJP are two sides of the same coin when it comes to corruption. It says that,in most scams and scandals that have come to light recently,decisions pertaining to reforms and neoliberalism are at the root of corruption.

Turning to specifics,the editorial says the BJP,which had stalled proceedings of an entire parliamentary session demanding a JPC to probe the 2G spectrum scam,now wants to disassociate itself from the JPC: “Investigation in this committee and outside has clearly established that the allocation of the 2G spectrum to the cronies of ministers and ruling politicians actually started during the NDA regime and was continued by the UPA government”.

The editorial says the same is true for coal block allocations: “Its advent can be traced even to the P.V. Narasimha Rao regime. Similarly,in CWG scam and Adarsh Society scandal,apart from the Congressmen,names of several BJP leaders have cropped up… The loot of PSUs was formalised under Vajpayee regime by creating a special ministry of disinvestment”. It argues that policies of neoliberalism has paved the way for unbridled loot of national and natural resources.

Bihar bind

The editorial in the CPI(ML)’s journal ML Update discusses the bandh called by the party along with other Left parties,the RJD and the LJP in Bihar on Monday. The incident of police firing in Madhubani district had prompted the bandh call. The police firing was the result of clashes between local people and police over the alleged murder of a schoolboy who had eloped with a girl. Both the boy and girl were spotted in Delhi on the day of the bandh. The editorial says sections of the media have started painting the bandh as a false move,reflecting the desperation on the opposition’s part to destabilise the Nitish Kumar government.

“To dub the October 15 Bihar Bandh a false move simply because the teenage couple surrendered in Delhi and the boy who was presumed dead by his own mother was found alive,would be a travesty of truth and an utter misreading of the situation in Bihar…” the editorial says. It says the bandh was by no means limited to the issue of Prashant and Preeti: “It was above all against the increasingly autocratic character and conduct of the Nitish Kumar government”. The CPI(ML) also criticises Lalu Prasad,who has hit the street with the slogan of “parivartan” after a long period of silence and passivity: “His talk of ‘Parivartan’ is only a dream to ‘restore’ his rule in Bihar. Even as the whole country fights against corruption,corporate loot,invasion of FDI and assault on democracy,Lalu Prasad stands most loyally by the discredited Congress party and UPA government”.

Compiled by Manoj C.G.

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