View From The Right: Sharif’s survival plan

“The brutality of Pak military against their own people is well-known, whether in Baluchistan or in Sindh."

Updated: May 10, 2017 1:26:42 am

The editorial in Organiser comments on the “mutilation of Indian soldiers on the LoC” and says that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif “is fuelling the so-called ‘Kashmir cause’ to save himself from corruption charges and protect himself from the wrath of military and mulladom”. “The brutality of Pak military against their own people is well-known, whether in Baluchistan or in Sindh,” it says, noting that “nobody has ever questioned their track record on human rights protection”.

Pointing at the corruption in the Pakistani army through business deals, it says, “this military-business complex feed on each other”. “Pakistan armed forces promote counter-terrorist outfits as per their business interests,” it notes, contending that the “destruction of “this economic empire is the best way to weaken Pakistan”. “India, along with private players, neighbouring countries and wherever possible with big powers, should work out a strategy to break this long tangled network,” it concludes.

MCD poll lessons

Commenting on the “significance” of the recent MCD elections, the editorial in Panchjanya lists several pointers it offered to political parties. First, it says, “lollypop politics would not work”. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had promised to exempt house tax if his party came to power. His defeat has confirmed that people would rather pay taxes, than go for electoral “stunts”. Second lesson is “given by the BJP to its members”. “Work is permanent, not the chair,” it says, underlining that politics does not merely reflect power, but leaders must also undertake silent work for the party. Third, it confirms that those who try to gain benefits by securing proximity to leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal also get smeared by scandals involving them. The fourth and most significant lesson of this election is for the party that wanted to show a mirror to others, but became “so arrogant” that its “fall is now certain”. Kejriwal lost his image by making “cheap allegations” against PM Modi and the LG. The result of these municipal elections has come as a slap to those who indulge in “negative politics”. People are now pushing ahead those who work for “national interest”, the editorial claims.

The new Indian epic

The cover story in Panchjanya says that “Baahubali-2 is an epic carrying Indian traditional values and religious-spiritual teachings”. “The Mahishmati kingdom depicted in the movie might be imaginary but its characters and incidents are completely real,” it says, underlining that this movie “makes the first powerful entry of India in the international market”. The global response to the movie confirms that the “entire world is attracted to Indian heritage”. “It’s rare to find such a package of religion, culture, lifestyle, relations, love, art and entertainment,” it adds.

Noting that several characters are inspired by the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the scriptwriter says that Amarendra Baahubali carries traits of Rama and Krishna, Bhallaladeva reflects Duryodhana, Bijjaladeva is the mirror image of Shakuni, while Kattapa is modeled on Hanuman. “Baahubali-2 is the pride of India,” it says, emphasising that “it introduces real Indian civilisation, culture and philosophy to the world”.


The West Asia battle

An article in Organiser notes that Christianity was born in West Asia, but Christians are forced to leave due to Islamic jihadis. Most Christians in these countries have been killed, or forcibly converted to Islam, the article claims. ISIS has threatened to eliminate Christians from Egypt. The Islamic militant group has killed many Christians in Egypt. The article notes relations between Islam and Christianity have been “extremely explosive”. Both religions have never made peace with each other as both are “intolerant and expansionist”, hence, a “clash is written in their horoscopes”.

Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj

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