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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

View From The Right: Not just Valley

The cover story in Organiser slams a section of the media for “one-sided” and “highly-inciting” reporting in Kashmir following the killing of Burhan Wani.

Updated: July 27, 2016 12:19:26 am

An editorial in Organiser comments on the recent crisis in Kashmir and asks that “if the situation is so grave, how Bharat could retain this strategically important and politically sensitive state”? Is a resident of Jammu and Kashmir “anti-Bharat or is he just expressing grievances” against “the failed governance?” The editorial notes that some “vested interests are not interested in peace and normalcy” in the area. It laments that it has been forgotten that “the state of Jammu and Kashmir is much bigger than the Valley”. The editorial terms Pakistan a “failed state” and adds that its “open and tacit allies” have been “active in the Valley since Independence”. It says that the Hurriyat is “losing credibility on the ground” as “barring some parts of Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramulla and Kulgam, nobody follows the dictums of these troublemakers”. It attacks those who “give a communal colour to Article 370” and “never address the question on who are the real beneficiaries of the ‘temporary’ provision”. The state has “become a milking cow for these vested interests”, it says and applauds the PDP that is “trying to provide governance in real sense”.

Focus on media
The cover story in Organiser slams a section of the media for “one-sided” and “highly-inciting” reporting in Kashmir following the killing of Burhan Wani. Saying that their reporting is not objective, it notes that “the worst part is whole media is divided as ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’ as if it is also a party in the issue”.

It says that the headlines of “most Valley-based papers reported a massive outburst of support for Burhan”. While one headline read, “I will avenge this beating”, another said “adieu to Commander Burhan”.

It notes that “all these reports may not report blatant lies” but they were “certainly not objective and definitely glorified a terrorist”. “They do not narrate the fact about police stations and CRPF camps being attacked by militant groups,” it says.

“Unfortunately the so-called national media do not have much of a footprint in the Valley,” it says, and notes that “local news circulation and reporting is done at the behest of separatists”. It notes that the media in Kashmir did not report that the “militants attacked security forces”.

They do not report protests in “the Pakistan Occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir” as “human rights violations in Balochistan never find space in Kashmir media”. “It gives wrong impression about Pakistan and so called ‘Azadi,” it says.

Advice for Rahul
An article in Panchjanya slams those leaders who have been linking the RSS with the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. It says that for several “Congress, secular and leftist leaders the murder of Gandhi” is like a “milch cow”.

“This has been the favourite job of Arjun Singh, Digvijay Singh and Communist leaders,” it says, and adds that the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is the “latest addition” to this list.

However, Gandhi got a “major jolt by the Supreme Court” in the case related to an “objectionable comment” against the RSS. “The apex court has told Rahul to either apologise or face the case,” it says, noting that the court has observed that “you should be careful when you are making remarks about any specific person”.

During an election campaign in 2014, Rahul had said that the RSS had killed Gandhiji. “The court said that there is a big difference between saying that Nathuram Godse killed Gandhiji and RSS members killed Gandhiji,” it says.

Rahul’s statement hurt the prestige of RSS. “Though his supporters in Congress have asserted that they will not apologise and face the case,” he must understand that “if he does not do this, he would commit political suicide,” the article argues.

Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj

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