View From The Right: National Dynasty

View From The Right: National Dynasty

After its worst-ever debacle in Lok Sabha elections, the Congress should rebuild the party with an inclusive organisational structure.

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An editorial in the Organiser slams the Congress for stalling the Parliament. It applauds the prime minister, who “set the tone” for “a fruitful legislative session”, as “positive vibes” were felt regarding “critical bills like the GST”. However, the court order in the National Herald case, in which “two top leaders of the grand old party” were summoned, ensured that “Parliament returns to the usual storm”. It notes that the Congress’s response to the order damaged “the democratic process in three major ways”.

By “putting dynastic interests above legislative business”, it spoilt the “soul of democracy” as “stalling the parliamentary process just to make an alleged criminal act into a heroic one is against the spirit of democracy”. Second, it’s “also questioning the credibility and independence of our judicial system and investigative agencies”. Most importantly, the “Congress is scoring a self-goal”, says the editorial, adding that the counter-allegations levelled by the Congress are neither justifiable nor convincing. Instead, these strengthen the suspicion that the “probity of the legendary national political party is under [the] scanner”, as observed by the honourable high court.

After its worst-ever debacle in Lok Sabha elections, the Congress should rebuild the party with an inclusive organisational structure. Instead, it is giving the impression that the Gandhi dynasty is more important than democracy.

Islamic Reformation


An article in Panchajanya, called “Islamic State: An Opportunity”, says that great policymakers are those who “convert a challenge into an opportunity”. The IS phenomenon offers an opportunity to both Muslims and non-Muslims, especially those Muslims who have not “completely surrendered their intellect and thoughtfulness to religious formulas”. By reviewing the IS, they can begin the long-awaited task Christianity had undertaken 400 years ago. Noting that Christianity revived after the Reformation, the article says the IS has “shown a mirror to all Muslims who had a confused perspective on Islam”. While several Muslim intellectuals have been saying that the acts of outfits like al-Qaeda, the Taliban, etc do not represent “true Islam”, they have also forwarded a “political defence” of such outfits. The IS has now “issued a notice to end these double standards”. The article argues that Muslims must be told that their “narrow-minded ideology has made them backward and a victim of conflict”.

A New Script

A report in the Organiser says that when the country was debating non-issues like intolerance and “award wapsi”, thousands of Muslim women gathered in Ajmer to script of change. Assembling under the banner of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), an RSS-supported organisation, they deliberated several issues affecting Muslim women, including literacy, healthcare, employment and equality. It was the first national convention of the MRM, as the speakers spread the “message of ‘hubbul vatani’ (patriotism) and mutual love and understanding”. Addressing the gathering, RSS leader Indresh Kumar “posed certain fundamental questions to them” as he asked, “What is the religion of the sun and the moon?”

Kumar emphasised the “need for small families” and said that some “politicians advocate for larger families and oppose family-planning measures for their vote-bank politics”. The gathering also passed resolutions on intolerance and terrorism. “The conference vowed to frustrate the designs of those who smell intolerance in the air”, the report said, adding that “those who defame our nation are not true Hindustanis and not even true Muslims”.

(Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj)