View from the right: Deliver now

View from the right: Deliver now

The weeklies have published several articles highlighting the immediate and long-term tasks for the new government.

Although euphoric over the BJP’s victory, both Sangh Parivar weeklies underline that “it’s time to deliver” on the promises made by Narendra Modi. “After igniting minds and creating high hopes, PM Modi is well aware of the fact that it’s time to deliver,” says the cover story in the Organiser. The Panchjanya cover declares that there is a lot of work to do for the country’s “Mazdoor Number 1”. The Panchjanya editorial also assures readers that the country has got a “sevak”, not a “raja”.

The weeklies have published several articles highlighting the immediate and long-term tasks for the new government. For instance, “Foreign Direct Investment in Education (Partnership)” is underscored as one of the immediate steps, while asking “China to balance trade… presently heavily in favour of China” is another.


The Organiser editorial says that leaders of the Congress and other regional parties have failed to get the message from the Lok Sabha poll outcomes: the “Congress is still defying the lessons of this election. Politics of coterie, crushing of state leadership and absence of internal democracy were the most important reasons for the Congress debacle. Unless this message is clearly transpired within, there is no way out for the party…”

“Not only the Congress, but even regional satraps of India are disregarding the mandate… People are aspiring for development and not ready to accept the remote controlled government, which Lalu and Nitish both have refused to accept… regional parties of all important UP should recognise the fact that politics of caste and communalism has limitations and young voters are fed up…” says the editorial, adding that “their misreading of mandate reflects the crisis of party structures in India”.



An article in the Organiser reminds the BJP about its position on Article 370, against the backdrop of the party’s clear majority in the Lok Sabha, demanding that the government revisit the entire “Track II” diplomacy with Pakistan: “The status of Article 370 will now emerge as a central issue since its abrogation is the stated policy of the BJP. Because, if the BJP utilises its majority in Parliament to push for abrogation of Article 370, the combined mainstream and separatist forces in the Kashmir Valley are expected to create unprecedented turmoil..”

The article also criticises the prescriptions of Satinder Lambah, the former diplomat who has been the back-channel interlocutor with Pakistan, regarding Track II efforts in search for a possible solution on Kashmir.

Compiled by Ravish Tiwari