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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

View From The Right: Babasaheb in Focus

The cover story in the Organiser focuses on B.R. Ambedkar and notes that “his life was as good as walking on fire”.

Updated: April 13, 2016 12:02:33 am

The cover story in the Organiser focuses on B.R. Ambedkar and notes that “his life was as good as walking on fire”. His “biggest contribution”, according to the report, is that “he awakened the common man” and argues that “before the arrival of Babasaheb, the untouchable community itself was not aware that untouchability is a sin”. “Our nation was a victim of Muslim aggression” and “before 1920, nobody wanted to involve the people from the lowest strata of society in the nation-building process.” The situation has “changed considerably” as a person from

deprived sections of society can now become president, governor or minister. “The way Babasaheb carved out a system to ensure participation of crores of deprived and depressed sections in the national life is priceless,” the report says. Pointing that he “experienced social slavery many a time”, it recalls that Babasaheb once told Mahatma Gandhi that “I do not even have a motherland”. In 1935, he declared that “I am born as a Hindu but will not die as a Hindu”. Underlining that his “views on caste should be understood in the right context”, it points out that he rejected the contention of European historians that castes constituted separate races. “We all are tied by a thread of the same culture,” the article quotes Ambedkar.

Gaze on Kashmir

An article in Panchajanya comments on recent events at NIT Srinagar. It says the manner in which the police beat up students for “hoisting the Tricolour” is unacceptable. It blames the separatists and opposition parties for “doing politics with this sensitive issue”. Quoting an NIT student, the article claims local students brought some outsiders to the hostel and threatened the others. “They told the students that you have come to study in Kashmir from Hindustan. Quietly study. If you talk too much, you will lose your lives,” according to the student quoted. The student also mentions that girl students were threatened with rape. Whatever happened at the NIT is not new for Kashmir, the article argues, but adds that the situation has changed considerably as separatists no longer attract the kind of support they once did. It argues that the NIT controversy smacks of a “conspiracy” and blames separatists and opposition parties. The Central and state governments must find a way so that a similar situation does not take place in future.

Hindu Northeast

Contending that the Northeast shares “philosophical, religious, historical and cultural oneness with sanatan dharma”, an article in the Organiser elaborates several cultural practices in the area to assert that “tribal communities like Hindus believe in monism”. It claims that people in the Northeast worship nature as the “objective aspect of god or ishwar”, which is “nothing but the unseen self-effulgent power that operates and controls the nature”. “Hindus, including the tribal people of the Northeast, believe in manifestation, and not in creation,” the article says, adding that “the term creation suggests there is a creator and the created”. This belief is called dualism. “All Western religions, especially of Semitic origin like Christianity, Judaism and Islam, believe in creation, that is they believe in dualism,” the article says. Unlike these faiths, Hindus and tribals of the Northeast “do not believe in the existence of satan”. “Since the tribal people of Northeast and the Hindus have the same belief, it would not be wrong to treat the indigenous people of the Northeast as Hindu or belonging to sanatan dharma,” it says. “Like the Hindus of the mainland, the people of the Northeast also believe that god is one which is worshipped by the entire humanity in different names and forms,” it adds. It contends the area “has been an integral part of Bharat since the time of the Mahabharata war”.

Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj.

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