View From The Right: Anti-Gandhi Congress

View From The Right: Anti-Gandhi Congress

It suggests that the Congress rise above party politics and let the RSS take the lead on Gandhi’s ideas.

Rajasthan bypoll: Congress faces uphill task after Lok Sabh drubbing
Supporters of India’s main opposition Congress party celebrate after initial poll results at the party headquarters in New Delhi, India, December 11, 2018. Express photo by Abhinav Saha

The RSS’s mouthpiece, Organiser, has criticised Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi for appropriating the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and attacking the RSS for allegedly destroying “(Mahatma) Gandhi’s idea of India”. In an editorial published in its latest issue, it has said that the (Nehru) Gandhis have used the Mahatma’s legacy to further dynastic politics and corruption and it is for precisely these reasons that Gandhi wanted to dissolve the Congress after Independence.

The editorial has also attacked the Congress for the imposition of western concepts on India and called the Nehruvian idea of India as “fictitious”. “The imposition of Western concepts of Socialism and Communism with centralised State power is the biggest Nehruvian legacy that we are trying to come out from. Instead of working for Swaraj and awakening the society for the same, strengthening the British systems of bureaucratic mechanism and false conception of ‘nation in the making’ are at the edifice of this fictitious Idea of India. Hinduphobia and anathema to civilisational values are the practices that are nurtured in the name of secularism,” the editorial claims.

It also accuses the Congress of being hand-in-glove with the communists. “The communists who put Lenin and Stalin above Gandhiji or any other Bharatiya hero, who considered Mao even above Nehru have been the ideological torchbearers of the Congress Sonia Gandhi is batting for. Piggybacking with the communists, standing with the breaking-Bharat forces and speaking for the corrupt dynastic practices are definitely not the ingredients of the Gandhian legacy,” the editorial asserts.

It suggests that the Congress rise above party politics and let the RSS take the lead on Gandhi’s ideas.


“If RSS is showing the right path for this let it be; do not kill Gandhi again just because you desist RSS. As a revenge perhaps, Congress should claim legacy of Dr Hedgewar, the founder of RSS, who himself was the Congress member,” the editorial said.

Illiberal Left

Against the backdrop of Union minister Babul Supriyo being allegedly roughed up in Kolkata’s Jadavpur University and MoS PMO Jitendra Singh facing protests in JNU over Kashmir, Organiser’s latest cover story is titled ‘Liberally Fascist’.

Talking about the opposition faced by Singh in JNU while speaking on Kashmir, the article accuses the Left of “intellectual fascism”. “A protest to register point of view is natural in democracy, but what is being preached and practised by Communists not just in JNU but wherever they are dominating is nothing but continuation of the communist tradition, intellectual fascism,” the article says.

The article claims that the Left is not ready to hear the other point of view. “AISA and other students’ oganisations once again have shown their mindset where they do not want to listen to any viewpoint they do not agree with… If they are so serious about rights, democracy and free speech, why they do not stand for the rights of Jammu and Ladakh people and many communities of Kashmir Valley who were discriminated through Article 370, is the natural question being asked on the campus. In the process, communist organisations reminded (sic) the recent incident at Jadavpur where they had a violent scuffle against another Union Minister Babul Supriyo and exposed themselves,” the article claims.

On the Jadavpur incident, another article sees the Left aggression as a response to the rise of the ABVP: “Having seen an upsurge of ABVP, the Left students’ wings have become restless; they are fighting their existential wars in the campuses. Their patrons who are teachers are more worried. Their forte is under threat. That is why they are using the violent method in sheer rage of losing the battte. For the left intellectuals campuses were their shops. …The compromises were being made between the Congress and Left parties. The Congress was given the parliament to tun the political show and the Left handles the universities.”

No Modi Media

With TV media being regularly criticised for its over-the-top pro-government reporting, allegedly under pressure from the powers that be, the latest issue of Panchjanya, the Hindi mouthpiece of the RSS, has defended the government. In an article titled ‘Silent Public Interest Media’, the magazine has alleged that the almost “laughable” reporting by the TV channels on the Narendra Modi government is more a result of the PM’s popularity among the masses than any pressure from the government. It has argued that the media was, in fact, not criticising other governments for their misdeeds enough.

Pointing to TV programmes titled “World Cup Dilayenge Modi” and “Chand Par Modi Modi” shown by certain Hindi TV news channels, the article said, “When viewers criticised such laughable content, the editors began spreading the lie that they were under pressure from the government. In fact, such unrealistic and laughable programming causes more damage to the government than doing it any good. Narendra Modi was popular even when media used to criticise him day and night.”

The article said that TV channels are doing this because adding Modi to any programme garners higher TRPs.

Compiled by Deeptiman Tiwary