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Polarising politics of secular parties is creating communal tensions.

New Delhi | Published: August 21, 2014 12:02:23 am

Compiled by Liz Mathew


Taking a swipe at Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the “alarming increase in the number of incidents of communal violence” since the Narendra Modi government came to power, the Organiser, in an editorial, calls for discarding the “discourse on secularism once and for all.”

Referring to Mohan Bhagwat’s statement that all Hindustanis are Hindus, the editorial says it is an eternal truth that all Indians are culturally Hindus because even the Supreme Court has interpreted Hinduism as a way of life. It says that if all Indians were not practising it, the country would not have Sufi saints in Indian Islam and caste institutions would not have been justified by Indian churches by demanding reservation for Dalit Christians.

The editorial also reminds the Congress vice president: “With a misplaced sense of his prophetic statement turning true, he raised the issue in Lok Sabha which to his misfortune boomeranged. Most of the violence is taking place in the states ruled by either Congress or its secular allies like Samajwadi Party.” It adds that the polarising politics of secular parties is creating communal tensions.


The world will reject “operative system(s)” like that of Apple Inc products, which does not support others, says the editorial in Panchjanya. According to Islam, it says, Adam was tempted by an apple and in the ongoing mobile revolution, people have been tempted by another “Apple”.

But the Apple products’ refusal to be adaptable has made its world really small. Going beyond its permitted space is considered a crime… So there is a similarity between the fables of apple in the scriptures and the modern day Apple. The world, however, doesn’t seem to be ready to walk on the lines drawn by the Apple.

It yearns for new energy and a system that accepts and adapts new ones…” It says the Hindu religion is accommodating and adaptive. “Whether it is Blackberry or Apple, if the product does not have the capacity to unite people, the world will reject all those which spread intolerance and hatred. The world wants Androids (which is open to all systems).”


Referring to the RSS’s recent interventions in economic policies, an opinion piece by Sandeep Singh in the Organiser, says that the organisation has intervened in economic policy since its inception.

Pointing out that the RSS has always opposed cow slaughter, the article says research has proved this correct: “Latest findings have come a week back stating the following: If the average American switched from eating beef to pork, there would be a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 544 kg a year, which is approximately nine days worth of the nation’s (US) per capita greenhouse gas emissions.

This will be equal to the emissions from burning 61 gallons of gas or 263 kg of coal. Pork, poultry, dairy and eggs also damage environment but the impact left by beef is significantly higher.” It blames the Indian media and intellectuals for making cow slaughter a communal issue.

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