View from the left: Rewriting history

View from the left: Rewriting history

The earlier BJP-led NDA government suffered from coalition compulsions.

Rewriting history

Discussing reports concerning the destruction of a large number of files containing historical records by the home ministry, which was raised by the CPM in Parliament, People’s Democracy has claimed that there are fears that the BJP-led NDA government has begun its tenure by “seriously attempting to rewrite Indian history”.

“Having won a clear majority in the 2014 elections, albeit with a minority 31 per cent support of the polled vote, the RSS/BJP see the best possibility they ever had to advance their project to metamorphose the Indian republic. The earlier BJP-led NDA government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee suffered from coalition compulsions that forced it with to put its hardcore Hindutva agenda on the backburner.

On this occasion, they appear to feel confident to pursue their project unhindered,” an editorial states, adding that such an objective requires major rewriting of history. “Such an effort will necessarily have as its immediate corollary a large-scale effort to change our entire educational system to dovetail [with] the advancement of the RSS project,” it adds.

Economic trajectory


On the rail budget and the Economic Survey, the CPI weekly New Age argued that the government was clearly going to “follow an economic course that was outlined by the corporate sector in its manifesto”.

“Actually, the two bourgeois political parties, and for that matter, most of the bourgeois political parties, are fully committed to the pursuance of the policies of neoliberalism that were devised by the finance capital and imposed on almost all countries in the garb of economic reform,” it states. “The Economic Survey presented by the finance minister, Arun Jaitley, in place of outlining any corrective measures, suggested a ‘transition to a pure market economy’. It means more ruthless implementation of the policies of privatisation and liberalisation… On the other hand, the Economic Survey hits hard on the very concept of subsidy and declares its total abolition,” it opines. The editorial concludes that “the Economic Survey has outlined the roadmap for more shameless and ruthless imposition of the remaining agenda of economic neoliberalism to benefit corporates and international finance capital”.

For Palestine

Focusing on the “Israeli assault on Gaza”, CPI-ML journal ML Update has said that “Israeli political leaders have a long history of using such language to dehumanise the Palestinian people and justify occupation and genocide”. It notes, “Even as major world powers maintain a shameful silence on this massacre, the Israeli PM [Benjamin] Netanyahu has declared that ‘world pressure will not stop us… there is still more to go’. The Israeli PM has openly and shamelessly justified deliberate bombardment of homes, hospitals and other civilian locations.”

“The silence of the Indian government on the ongoing genocide is a mockery of India’s long history of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle… Now, with the Modi government in power, the cadres of Sangh Parivar are striving to erase the memory and legacy of the strong, shared anti-colonial ties between India and Palestine,” it adds. Urging the government to “immediately condemn and call for a halt of the Israeli aggression”, it also calls for the government to “reaffirm its commitment to support the cause of a free Palestine and… [to] walk the talk of this commitment by ending arms purchases from Israel”.

Compiled by Ruhi Tewari