View from the Left: Imperial ally

View from the Left: Imperial ally

The CPM’s People’s Democracy says that “predictable hype” was built around the visit of US President Barack Obama.

The CPM’s People’s Democracy says that “predictable hype” was built around the visit of US President Barack Obama. “This is the first time, since Independence, that a serving president of the US would be the chief guest at our annual Republic Day parade… This invitation to President Obama by the Modi government conveys a strong signal to the world that India is cementing its position as a ‘subordinate ally’ of US imperialism,” says an editorial published before the visit. It adds that Obama’s visit would “shape the demise of India’s long-held faith in pursuing an independent foreign policy… While India has and shall continue to develop friendly relations with all countries in the world, India’s foreign policy must always be dictated by its ‘enlightened national interests’, the crux of which is the solidarity with the developing world in resisting global domination by any power…”

“Global capitalism and international finance capital is [sic], hence, looking for newer avenues to maximise profits when such opportunities are shrinking in the developed capitalist countries. India is their prime target. Unfortunately for the Indian people, this Modi government, as a measure of gratitude to India Inc who so generously contributed to the Modi election campaign, is willingly not only surrendering but displaying crass servility to such efforts. Clearly, this visit by the US president will be followed up by greater neoliberal reforms,” it further states.


Claiming that the NDA government “represents and advances the interests of corporate capital, rightist ideology and worst form of communalism”, the CPI’s New Age has said all forces are in a “hurry to rush through their agenda”.

“On the economic front, [the] Narendra Modi government is shamelessly implementing the remaining items of the agenda of neoliberalism that was imposed on the country in [the] early nineties by… international finance capital through its agencies like World Bank, IMF and WTO,” says an editorial. It alleges that the government is “least bothered to fulfil the promises the ruling combination made during the election campaign… [the] RSS the mother organisation of [the] BJP is interfering directly in the functioning of the government…”



Claiming that PM Modi used the first Republic Day of his government to “demonstrate his government’s readiness to accommodate US demands”, the CPI(ML)’s ML Update says that the Modi government has been taking all the “right steps” from the beginning to “impress the US”.

“From decontrolled pharmaceutical prices and US-friendly patent norms announced before and during Modi’s US trip to increased FDI in insurance, easier land-grab policy and vastly reduced food security cover and all such steps taken or recommended on the eve of Obama’s… visit… the Modi government has gone all out to satisfy the Americans,” an editorial states. “Freeing American suppliers of liabilities in case of any damage inflicted by their reactors on the Indian people has been the latest concession… Modi and his propagandists would like us to believe that foreign policy is more about the ‘personal chemistry’ among leaders of different countries than about dealing with the global economy and geopolitical pulls and pressures,” it adds.

Compiled by Ruhi Tewari.