View from the left: BJP’s Doublespeak

People’s Democracy looks at Gujarat’s human development record in the context of the Modi’s toilets remark.

Written by Manoj C G | Published: October 16, 2013 1:43:29 am

People’s Democracy looks at Gujarat’s human development record in the context of the Modi’s toilets remark.

CPM weekly People’s Democracy looks at Gujarat’s human development record in the context of the Narendra Modi’s toilets first,temples later remark. It first accuses BJP leaders of speaking with a forked tongue,arguing that during his rath yatra,L.K. Advani used to chant the “mandir wahin banayenge” slogan,provoking an onslaught on the Babri Masjid. Subsequent to the demolition,however,Advani claims December 6,1992 was the saddest day in his life. “Not to be left behind,the RSS/BJP’s current prime ministerial aspirant,given his adversarial relationship with Advani,is perfecting the art of the doublespeak. Having presided over the 2002 communal carnage in Gujarat,he recently proclaimed to an audience of students in Delhi — pahale shauchalaya,phir devalaya — build toilets before you build temples,” it notes.

It argues that such assertions could be considered laudable but for Gujarat’s dismal record of sanitation under the BJP. “The India Rural Development Report 2012-13 shows that one in every five rural households in the country has none of the three basic facilities — drinking water,electricity and sanitation — while only about 18 per cent have access to all three. The situation in Gujarat is no better…”

The article argues that the BJP’s much-hyped “vibrant Gujarat” campaign has been punctured by a “slew of facts” showing Gujarat has been performing below the national average on human development indicators.


CPI(ML) weekly ML Update focuses on the Patna High Court’s acquittal of all 26 persons convicted by the trial court in the Laxmanpur-Bathe massacre case. The editorial claims that there was growing opinion that the Supreme Court must constitute a Special Investigation Team under its own supervision and re-examine all massacre cases. “This is the fourth successive instance of wholesale acquittal of convicts by the Patna High Court in cases of massacre of the oppressed rural poor in Bihar. Once again,eyewitness accounts have been dismissed as being not fully credible and convicts granted acquittal on ‘benefit of doubt’,” it says.

The article adds that Nitish Kumar was quick to showcase the trial court verdict in 2010 as a sure sign of justice. “Never mind if he disbanded the Amir Das commission to save the political patrons of the Ranvir Sena from being exposed and punished,at least the perpetrators were being brought to justice. But over a period of 18 months the script has been thoroughly reversed by the high court,” it argues.


As the US government shutdown enters its second week,CPI journal New Age opines that while America has faced similar crises in the past,this has exposed the disastrous nature of the neoliberal policies imposed upon the world as the only course of development after collapse of Soviet Union. “The battle between the White House and Congress is over austerity measures… [After the 2008 crisis pensions to those who have served for over 30 years were refused. But all these anti-people measures failed to resolve the crisis. The American opposition,the Republican party that controls the House of Representatives feels that President Obama’s healthcare scheme is violation of the prescription of cut in subsidies,” it posits.

The editorial notes that the US crisis will deepen the world’s economic problems. Further,it claims that developing countries will be under pressure to drastically cut subsidies and privatise education and healthcare. Besides,the shutdown may lead to the cancellation of import orders. “The crisis… may push the world economy to the brink of collapse,in which except the Finance Capital,everybody else will be loser,” it concludes.

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