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Thursday, March 04, 2021

Temple outrage

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser titled “Maoist outrage on Pashupatinath” says: “The Maoist onslaught and occupation of Holy Pashupatinath in Kathmandu has outraged the Hindus all over the world.

Written by Suman K Jha |
January 15, 2009 1:56:20 am

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser titled “Maoist outrage on Pashupatinath” says: “The Maoist onslaught and occupation of Holy Pashupatinath in Kathmandu has outraged the Hindus all over the world. That the Maoist Prime Minister has after almost two weeks following protests from world over made amends and restored the daily rituals to the traditional Indian priests is of less significance as compared to the original unpardonable sin. The Maoist hoodlums were trying to destroy a tradition,perhaps as old as Hindu civilisation. It is not our case that the priests of Pashupatinath should be Indians. The matter could be decided by the religious leaders. And it is only for the high priests of Hindu religion to decide,not for the politicians or government. Only in the matter of Hindu religion that politicians nonchalantly entertain such evil designs. Is it because Hindus are a tolerant,non-violent lot? Or is it because they are so selfish and disunited that anybody can get away with such insults on Hindu faith and sentiments?”

The editorial adds: “Pashupatinath attracts more devotees from Hindustan and world over than from the place where it is located. It has cemented the people of the two countries through centuries. It did not matter to anyone whether the priests came from the southernmost end of the Indian landmass —Kerala Brahmins — the fact that Aadi Shankara from Kaladi,Kerala,traversed the entire landscape to reach Pashupatinath shrine and worshipped there only goes to prove the intense religious and historic significance the shrine embodies for the Hindu. The Maoists are clearly determined to destroy the Hindu heritage of Nepal. They,like the Taliban represent the savage darker side of stunted evolution.”

Native economics

In his column titled “Satyam is what is missing in new economy,” R Balashankar writes: “The collapse of Satyam Computer Services has again exposed the soft underbelly of the Indian new economy corporations. This is so far the biggest financial fraud in many years. In the new context we have to restate our core values in a modern idiom. A Satyam bust need not have happened if we had taken the right message from the Enron bust eight years ago. It takes a few years to happen in India the mistakes of America,since we have globalised on American terms… Failure is inbuilt in any organisation that passes down from visionaries to operators to caretakers to undertakers as Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman noted in the context of Detroit auto manufacturers…”

He adds: “When India’s politicians talk of the irreversibility of the reform process they are only underlining the political consensus on capitalism. Capitalism survives when socialism failed not because it is infallible but because it recognises human genius and operates on a bigger canvas…Its canvas spreads across politician,bureaucracy,corporate,media and the well-off. So it creates a larger vested interest. Above all it releases the beastly energy in man. Its retributive justice is cruel when big bad criminal indulgence is exposed. In Socialism violent regime change is the only option… India can and should reject both because both revolt against our native genius. We cannot afford a system that bothers only about the top 300 million of the 1200 million population. And this is the challenge before the country’s nationalist thinkers.”

— Compiled by Suman K Jha

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