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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Shooting the messenger

In an editorial,it alleges the government is trying to bypass crucial issues raised by army chief General V.K. Singh

Written by Swaraj Thapa | Published: April 5, 2012 12:18:26 am


Launching an attack on the government because of the army chief controversy,the latest issue of Organiser says the “besieged UPA government” is using its allies and willing sections of the opposition to mount a “sack the army chief” campaign.

In an editorial,it alleges the government is trying to bypass crucial issues raised by army chief General V.K. Singh. “There have been several reports in… recent months exposing the inadequacies in the army… But it did not stir the conscience of the political class in the country nor the bureaucracy…” it says.

It argues that criticism of the general has increased after he went public. “What is important is not how and when he said,but what he said… Gen Singh’s letter to the prime minister is disturbing. He must have brought these issues to the notice of the defence minister earlier. Failing to get any response he knocked at the doors of the prime minister,” says the Organiser.

The editorial says the Bofors kickbacks now look “like a peanut in front of the pumpkin-sized commissions and deal-money being discussed”. It also advised the BJP and alliance partners like JD(U),which had sought the sacking of the chief: “By targeting Gen Singh and blaming both sides (government and the army chief) equally,the opposition is giving safe passage to the government… Don’t shoot the messenger because the message was bad,” it says.


In an interview in Organiser,the former chief minister of Uttarakhand,B.C. Khanduri,conceded that internal reasons led to the BJP’s defeat in the recently-held assembly elections in the state. “When I took over in September 2011,the party felt that the position of the party was not good. I got only three months and 14 days to work as chief minister before the code of conduct was implemented. The internal problem resulted in the loss of several seats,” Khanduri says.

The former CM,who faced a shock defeat in his constituency,implied that a conspiracy was behind his failure. “In the party forum,I have said something and I have requested the party high command to look into the matter. The high command knows the truth and it will take action against the conspirators. I think the culture of infighting or conspiracy within the party is a very serious matter…” Khanduri said.


The Panchjanya has commented on the just-concluded BRICS summit in New Delhi. It argues that the Delhi declaration adopted at the summit shows that the BRICS nations — comprising almost half the world’s population — are attempting to negate US pressure. According to Panchjanya,the attempt to dilute the influence of the dollar is evident in the decision to have a master agreement on extending credit facilities in local currency. At the same time,it has warned India to be cautious of China,which it claims has always tried to attack the unity and stability of the country. “China’s gameplan to end American supremacy and become a world power is not hidden from anyone… If Indian government fails to see through China’s gameplan and becomes a pawn in its expansionist programme,it would mean serious trouble for the country”,it says.

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