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Secular riots

The Muzaffarnagar riots have given the Sangh Parivar the opportunity to highlight the alleged “secular fanaticism”.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 19, 2013 12:26:15 am

The Muzaffarnagar riots have given the Sangh Parivar the opportunity to highlight the alleged “secular fanaticism” of Akhilesh Yadav’s SP government against the majority community. Both its weeklies extensively cover the riots,with editorials as well. The editorial in the Organiser rejects the notion that “Khap mahapanchayat was the triggering point for the riots,Muslim community is the victim and social media campaign via BJP MLAs was the instigator”. Instead,it blames “13 cases of rape and sexual assaults on Hindu women by Muslim youths” in the region and the state government’s “laxity for the culprits” of the alleged “Love Jihad” for the violence. An article suggests some of the Hindu outburst is “public reaction against Love Jihad”.

While an article in the Organiser holds “Mulayam’s Muslim appeasement” responsible,an article in Panchjanya highlights the politically instructed “inaction against the rioters of a particular community” under the SP government’s “unilateral secularism”. The editorial in Panchjanya uses this situation to take a dig at the incapability of “youth” leadership that derives its strength from “dynasty” to puncture the

hopes of supporters of the

likes of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi.

Interestingly,both media arms of the Sangh Parivar train their guns on the media. The editorial in Panchjanya says that the absence of the “tone of condemnation in the reporting” on the attack raises “suspicion” against the impartiality of news channels. “Indian masses will not accept the misrepresentation of facts by ‘secular media’ and ‘secular communalists’ have no right to talk about the Gujarat riots,which was again a reaction to the burning of karsevaks,” says the editorial in the Organiser,criticising the media.


Dismissing the perception of D.G. Vanzara’s resignation letter as an embarrassment for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi,a full-page article in Panchjanya suggests that it was,in fact,a “slap on the face of the Central government”. The article suggests Vanzara’s letter only confirms that “terrorism was not allowed to spread its wings under the Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government”,for which officers like Vanzara demonstrated a fearless attitude. “Everyone knows that it is the Central government,Sonia Congress and CBI” that are behind attempts to corner officers like Vanzara by branding them as “criminals”.

“The issue is why doen’t Sonia Congress and her government adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Congress has adopted a vacillating policy against terrorism to capture Muslim votes,” alleges the article,adding that “they need to understand the irony in Vanzara’s letter…”


While the latest issue of both weeklies have dealt at length with the Muzaffarnagar riots,overshadowing even the anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s speech in the US,an editorial in the Organiser laments how the 9/11 anniversary took the cake: “It is ironical that 9/11,which is remembered for [the attack on the World Trade Centre,is not used for the message of ‘universal brotherhood’,” it says,pointing out that Vivekananda’s message was delivered on the same day,120 years ago. “When ‘My religion is the only (true) religion’ has become the faultline for conflicts,the true message of Hinduism,which accepts and respects all ways of worship as true,can be a torch-bearer,” it says,adding that imbibing Vivekananda’s message is necessary because “then only

9/11 will be remembered for the right reasons.”

Compiled by Ravish Tiwari

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