RSS doublespeak

RSS doublespeak

CPM journal People’s Democracy takes off on the arrest of a former RSS worker in the Samjhauta Express blast case.

RSS doublespeak

CPM journal People’s Democracy takes off on the arrest of a former RSS worker in the Samjhauta Express blast case. The editorial says that crucial leads on the involvement of the RSS and its affiliates came after investigations that established their role in the attacks in Malegaon,Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sharif. “These have established the RSS links in creating this web of Hindutva terror,” it asserts. It rubbishes the RSS’s claims that these may be the actions of few “deviant elements”.

“Such claims are nothing original. This is precisely what was said about Nathuram Godse following the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Godse’s brother,however,is on record,in a media interview,to say that all brothers in the family were active members of the RSS… The history of the RSS and its methodology of functioning belies such theories of a differentiation between the core and the fringe,” it says.

The editorial says that the RSS often questions the use of the term “Hindu terrorism”,but does not apply the same yardstick to other religions,routinely adopting resolutions to “curb Islamic terrorism with an iron hand”.


“This is not merely an expression of double standards. It reflects the ideological roots of converting the modern secular democratic republic of India into the RSS version of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ based on rabid religious intolerance,” it says.

Striking out

Both CPM and CPI journals carry articles about the all-India general strike planned on February 28 by central trade unions. For the first time,the Congress’s trade union arm,INTUC,and the Sangh Parivar-affiliated BMS will be joining the strike. An editorial in CPI weekly New Age says the strike has “wider political and economic significance.” Although it will be the 14th such strike in the last two decades,the CPI feels it will go a long way in the struggle against the “disastrous course of economic neo-liberalism to which most of the bourgeois political formations are committed.” The article trains its guns at the UPA,accusing it of surrendering to the pressure of “American imperialists and its cohorts”,selling national assets in the garb of disinvestment,attempting to hand over our finance and retail sectors to “international sharks under the garb of allowing FDI in these sectors” and acting against the working class.

Deep sleep

People’s Democracy carries a satirical open letter to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the context of his recent statement that he was losing sleep over the government’s ballooning subsidy bill.

It wonders why issues like price rise,farmer suicides,corruption and malnutrition are not bothering the finance minister. Referring to the CAG’s calculation of Rs 1.76-lakh crore presumptive loss in 2G spectrum allocation,the article says that only Rs 88,000 crore was needed to provide 35 kg of foodgrains for both APL and BPL populations: “How could you allow all the people to eat food for that staggering amount of Rs 88,000 crores when only few individuals ‘ate’ up Rs 1,76,000 crores in the 2G scam?”

“The very problems that did not affect your sleep have created havoc in their lives and gave them many sleepless nights. It seems they have decided not to rest till they regain their sleep,which they could get only when they eat two square meals a day and are sure of their future,” it concludes.