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In an article in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy,party general secretary Prakash Karat ruled out the possibility...

Published: February 18, 2009 11:21:12 pm

In an article in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy,party general secretary Prakash Karat ruled out the possibility of the Left parties supporting a Congress-led Government again,noting that the political situation in 2009 is not similar to the one that existed five years ago. 

“The political situation in 2009 is not a repeat of the one obtaining in 2004 when six years of BJP misrule and communalism had to be fought as a central goal.  After five years of the Congress-led government,the country cannot be subjected,once again,to the neo-liberal dogma and “crony capitalism” of the Congress leaders and their abandonment of the Nehruvian legacy to convert India into a junior partner of the United States.”  

“The CPM has called upon the non-Congress secular parties to come together on a joint platform for an effective electoral alternative”,he says 

Contrary to the Congress president’s assertions,the Manmohan Singh government has proved to be nothing but the slavish followers of the Wall Street model of finance capitalism,Karat claims. “The dismal economic performance on the eve of the elections has led to the Congress leadership focusing on Pakistan and the Mumbai terror attacks.  No day passes without pronouncements by the Congress leadership and ministers on the action to be taken regarding Pakistan,” he says.


Justice for Gujarat 

In the light of the arrest of a Gujarat police officer by the Special Investigation Team in connection with the post-Godhra riots,the lead editorial in the edition says the arrest proves that the earlier suspicions about the complicity of the state police and administration were correct. In the wake of this “incontrovertible evidence”,the Gujarat chief minister has chosen to remain silent. 

“Worse,with the aim of reaping political/electoral gains by sharpening communal polarisation,he has suggested that Mumbai 26/11 terrorist attacks could not have happened without local support. He is,thus,providing grist to the mill of Pakistan’s propaganda against all evidence that they are not involved in these terror attacks.  So much for the BJP’s commitment to fight terrorism!” it says.

 “Justice delayed has universally been acknowledged as justice denied.  Nevertheless,even after seven long years of agony and suffering,if justice can now be delivered to the most unfortunate and hapless victims,then this would go in some measure to restore the credibility of the system and instill the much devalued confidence in it. “

“The judiciary,it was expected,would deliver some justice.  The judiciary,however,has to judge the case as prepared by the local police. It is in this area that the SIT’s arrests now prove that the earlier suspicions and conclusions about the complicity of the state police and administration were correct. 

“All this doubly underlines the fact that no further delay in the delivery of justice can be tolerated by the secular democratic modern India.  It is hoped that the Supreme Court will now act swiftly on the report submitted by the SIT and restore some semblance of faith in our system of delivery of justice,” it says.

On the investigative trail

An article by Teesta Seetalvad on investigations into the Samjhauta Express bomb blasts says a Special Investigation Team of the Haryana police,which had been sent to Madhya Pradesh in March 2007 on the basis of investigatory inputs,had made a positive breakthrough. “This included the uncovering of evidence from shopkeepers who had sold the suitcases in which the RDX is said to have been carried.

“At this stage,when it appeared that the Haryana police had almost cracked the case,newspapers reported that further investigations had been abruptly stopped and nothing was heard about the progress of these investigations immediately thereafter,” she says.

Seven months later,when the Ajmer blast case had also led the Rajasthan police to Madhya Pradesh,media reports said when the Haryana police had been on the verge of solving the Samjhauta case in March 2007,they got no cooperation from their colleagues in Madhya Pradesh and could proceed no further.

“What information the Haryana police had unearthed and why the Madhya Pradesh police were so reluctant to pursue it,remains a mystery. The BJP was and is the party in power in Madhya Pradesh,” she asks.

“It was only after Sadhvi Pragnya Thakur,Lt Col Srikant Purohit and others were arrested in connection with the bomb blasts in Malegaon that some information started trickling in. Following pertinent revelations by Purohit in the narcoanalysis test conducted on him,reports of the possible involvement of the Malegaon accused in the Samjhauta Express blasts began to appear in the media,” she notes.

Compiled by Manoj C.G.

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