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I dream of change

Living the agony of India today, and hoping for a new country.

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‘After all, we choose and elect our representatives every five years: With a faith that they would save the nation and people.’

Being an independent citizen of India and an advocate by profession, it is my duty to uphold the Constitution of India, bow before the judiciary, salute our armed forces and respect all our countrymen, irrespective of their diversity or difference of opinions on national issues. We, the countrymen and women, have a responsibility to build a strong nation with peace, prosperity, harmony, equality and dignity.

After all, we choose and elect our representatives every five years: With a faith that they would save the nation and people. So, if they do not perform, we should be held up for their non-performance.

To express my view on the current situation of my country and the ensuing frenzy of elections, besides other glaring issues, I thought it fit to introspect. I sat myself down some days back, uttered “Om” and, eventually, slipped into a trance.

As my eyes closed, I experienced the horror of reality: Suddenly, too many images started bombarding my psyche like jagged-edged war debris. The images flew thick and fast, like rockets blinding the night sky. There were people crying, shouting, arguing without listening to one another, debating non-issues which they themselves didn’t understand. There was news, fake news, twisted news — it was all madness. I was totally disoriented. Words like truth, justice, unemployment, hatred, religion, race, creed, war, bombs, police, CBI, RBI, NIA, courts, witnesses, convictions and acquittals, media, social media… all collided and turned into a chaotic collage of visual memories.


I saw the deaths of our army men, the deaths of our country’s farmers and ordinary people standing in queues in front of banks. Then, suddenly, the judges came out from the honourable courts, journalists shouted “sedition”, “demonetisation”, “GST”, etc. I could not bear to see anymore.

Just as suddenly, I started yelling, “Where are you, god? What are you doing inside the temples, mosques, churches and places of worship?” I was angry, I had prayed to all gods of all colours and faiths to save us from our plight. I kept yelling, “We have shed so much of blood in your name thinking that you will protect us from pain and suffering. We have used weapons and bombs to protect you, and you are also given security cover by us. Are you scared to come out and save us now? You had promised us that you will be born again and again to establish Dharma when circumstances in the world demand it. You vowed to protect humankind. For our part, we painted you with holy colours: Green, saffron, blue, black, white… So why are you silent?”

Out of the blue, as I exhausted myself of all the rage burning within me, from somewhere, I heard a voice, commanding, “Wake up from your slumber, and stop yelling. Start thinking for yourself and analysing carefully. Be honest, seek the truth with persistence despite hurdles in the way, and keep your chin up in the face of adversity: Go out and vote for the nation, uphold the democracy you hold so dear to your heart, protect your Constitution and help, thus, in the making of a new India. I have given you intellect enough, use it. Stop googling. Vote for a new India”.

Jai Hind.