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June 17, 1976, Forty Years Ago: MISA extended

Highlights from the Indian Express front page, forty years ago

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Express front page, 40 years ago

President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed issued an ordinance extending the validity of Section 16(A) of the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) from one year to two years. This section incorporated in MISA after the declaration of Emergency had empowered the government to detain any person without giving grounds for one year.

US envoy killed

The body of kidnapped American ambassador, Francis Meloy, was found in a Beirut neighbourhood, Voice of Lebanon, a conservative Christian controlled radio report-ed. The newly appointed ambassador had disappeared on his way to an appointment with the president-elect, Elias Sarkis, according to an embassy spokesperson. He said there was no conclusive information as to which side of the Christian-Muslim demarcation line the envoy disappeared. The ambassador disappeared with the US embassy economic counsel, Robert Waring, and the driver of the envoy’s armour-plated light green limousine. The embassy said Meloy, a 59-year-old bachelor, disappeared 15 minutes before he was due to see Sarkis.

Peace in sight

Lebanese President Suleiman Franjieh said he would allow a five-nation Arab force into Lebanon to share a peace-keeping role with Syrian troops. A communique broadcast by Franjieh’s radio, said
the secretary general of the Arab League, Mahmoud Riad, assured the president that the contingent would enforce the 1969 Cairo agreement limiting between the freedom of movement of Palestinian guerillas. Earlier, Libyan Premier Abdel Salam Jalloud, who has played a central role in mediating between Syria and the Palestinian leftist alliance in Lebanon, said he had reached agreement with Christian conservative leaders on “the Palestinian cause”.