From the Urdu press: Telangana and Gujarat

From the Urdu press: Telangana and Gujarat

The Shahi Imam has said that 'it has made one recall the massacre at Hashimpura.'

Serious questions have been raised on the killings of five Muslim prisoners while being taken handcuffed to Hyderabad from Warangal jail. According to Inquilab, on April 9, “this encounter has been described as fake by leaders of political and religious organisations. The Shahi Imam has said that ‘it has made one recall the massacre at Hashimpura.’ The spokesman of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, described it as ‘pure murder’. Qureshi says that the ‘hearings in the cases of the victims had been completed and they were likely to be acquitted honourably. All evidence were against the police and that is why they were killed.’” The paper asserts, quoting Anurag Sharma, the assistant police chief that “none of the five killed were connected to SIMI or IM”.

Rashtriya Sahara’s editorial highlights the statement of the father of one of the victims condemning the killings and demanding a CBI inquiry. It talks of “similarities between the encounters and those of Kausar Jahan and Sohrabuddin”.

Commenting on the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill adopted by the state assembly, Inquilab, writes on April 2: “The state government has described this law as necessary for meeting the challenge of organised crime… whereas in the past few years there has been no incident in Gujarat to be categorised as organised crime. Also, the question arises whether the state government has tested the existing laws to prevent crime… The important points of the proposed law that have emerged indicate that the government wants to make its powers so wideranging as to ensure curbing the independence and rights of the person…”

Iran deal

Sahafat, in its April 6 editorial, writes: “The understanding… between Iran and six big powers regarding nuclear energy has caused great worry to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who considers it a danger to the existence of Israel. Why is it so? This question can be answered only by him. But the fact is that there are a number of Muslim countries… but none of them has ever produced a nuclear weapon. Nor is there any possibility of this happening… America knows that Iran is not making nuclear bombs, because if there is a war, all development plans would go haywire. But it wants to consistently exert pressure so that Iran does not move towards making nuclear weapons.”

Daawat, in its April 7 editorial, writes: “Despite Israel’s stiff opposition to such on understanding… these countries succeeded in reaching an accord. Obviously, it is a conditional agreement… One should remember that the rich countries of the Gulf too were opposed to such an accord… They considered Iran a danger… and they did not want Iran to develop nuclear capability… Now the Muslim world is divided into two camps — Shias and Sunnis — and Iran leads the Shia camp. In this situation what is the real motive of generosity to Iran? Is all this being done according to an international strategy and the objective is to further intensify the Shia-Sunni conflict? Is it actually going to benefit Iran or is it a new game?”

Compiled by Seema Chishti