Fabulous wealth

Picking up from the CBI director’s comment last week that illegal money worth roughly Rs 25 lakh crore is stashed away in tax havens abroad

Written by Swaraj Thapa | Published: February 23, 2012 3:45:48 am

Fabulous wealth

Picking up from the CBI director’s comment last week that illegal money worth roughly Rs 25 lakh crore is stashed away in tax havens abroad,the latest issue of the RSS weekly,Organiser,runs another campaign to retrieve this black money.”Indians are the largest hoarders of black money in foreign banks. Ironically,the Indian government is doing the least to retrieve it. The manner in which the prime minister,the finance minister and home minister fumble when questions are raised about getting the money back or releasing names of account holders,is a dead giveaway to the fact that they want to protect the offenders,” alleges the Organiser editorial.

It writes of India’s legendary wealth in the past: “Our history is dotted with anecdotes of invaders loading camels and elephants with gems and silk and gold to be transported to their homeland,” it says. After the Mughals,it was the turn of the British,the Portuguese,the French and the Dutch to plunder India,it adds.

“The latest looters are homegrown,with an exception of one family at the top,” it says,referring to the Gandhis. “The rest are all born Indians,brought up by this land that offered opportunities to grow and flourish. In return they have exploited every chance to steal money,take it abroad and hide it. They do not even plough it back here,” it says. “Like the King of Kosala who did penance for years to bring the Ganga to the earth,” the Organiser says that “India needs a modern day Bhageerath to bring the tainted money back to the country.”

Curiously,the Organiser gives full credit to Baba Ramdev for launching an agitation against black money,Ram Jethmalani for raising the issue early in the Supreme Court and demanding the revelation of the names,and Subramanian Swamy for his crusade against corruption,but skips any reference to senior BJP leader L.K. Advani who led a rath yatra on the issue.

RSS Bangalored

Another article in the Organiser describes how the RSS has been working,slowly but innovatively,to endear itself to young people in Karnataka,especially those who do not hail from the state. The initiative is directed through IT Milans,an organisation of software professionals steered by young RSS swayamsevaks,which is involved in teaching Kannada to non-Kannadigas in Bangalore and elsewhere in the state.

Over the last few years,IT Milans have been conceptualised by the RSS as a forum to attract the youth. Though they meet regularly in IT shakhas,members of IT Milans have been exempted from the customary dress code and exercises. The article says in Bangalore alone,over 300 IT swayamsevaks are involved in the exercise of teaching Kannada to non-Kannadigas.

In Mayawati land

The editorial in the latest issue of Panchjanya has attacked the BSP government led by Mayawati for its involvement in the NHRM scam,which the article has dubbed “khooni ghotala” (killer scam) because of the deaths of six people who were allegedly involved in it. The killing of these six individuals in the last year or so,with the last death occurring just a week ago,leaves little doubt that those involved in the scam do not want the truth to come out,and are willing to go to the extent of murdering to prevent this,says the Panchjanya.

“The way in which Mayawati’s rule in Uttar Pradesh has become a den of corruption,scams and scandals with open loot of money from the government treasury,has been proved by the fact that she herself dropped about half a dozen ministers after facing corruption charges. At the same time,Mayawati’s own assets have increased three times over,putting her in the league of richest chief ministers… The state has been shouting itself hoarse on development and infrastructure such as roads,water,power,education and health,but the state government spent over Rs 4,000 crore on parks and statues,” it says,adding that if any charges are levelled against Mayawati,she invokes the Dalit card as a counter. “The people are now wanting to extricate themselves from the situation and UP is witnessing winds of change. But the question is whether ousting Mayawati from power will be enough,or whether she will have to pay for her misdeeds”,says the Panchjanya.

Compiled by Swaraj Thapa

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