Core constituency

Core constituency

The CPI(ML),in an editorial in its journal ML Update,claims that Narendra Modi has exposed his “communal fascist” character

Core constituency

The CPI(ML),in an editorial in its journal ML Update,claims that Narendra Modi has exposed his “communal fascist” character more thoroughly than any political opponent could have done. By comparing the post-Godhra riots with the death of a puppy in an accident,“Modi is trivialising the 2002 Gujarat massacre and mocking its victims who are seeking justice. He is clearly indicating that in his ‘Hindu nation’, the cold-blooded killing of Muslims… will have no more consequences than the ‘accidental’ death of pups under wheels,” it says.

“Today,Modi is trying to play both roles: to appease the core Hindutva constituency by brazen boasts of communal violence,fake encounters,and hate-speech,while also posturing as the representative of ‘development’ and ‘governance’…” Referring to a feeling in a section of the BJP that Modi is falling into the Congress trap and allowing questions of governance and corruption to be eclipsed by the communalism-secularism debate,it says the fact is that secularism and justice cannot be incidental to governance in any democracy.

Rebuilding worries

An article in the CPM’s People’s Democracy advises the Uttarakhand government and other agencies to be cautious while setting in motion reconstruction and redevelopment. It says large amounts of money will be pouring in and so will all kinds of suggestions and ideas,but the question is “Who will vet these and how will decisions be taken?”


“Contractors will line up to take up works: how will fairness,transparency and cost-effectiveness be ensured,and how will cronyism be prevented?… Will there be new norms,standards,regulations,and will there be measures taken to ensure rigorous monitoring and strict compliance? …Or will it all amount to nothing more than business-as-usual,resulting simply in the same poor quality infrastructure,built in the same environmentally destructive manner and by flouting all norms as before? Can or will we work to build a new,more sustainable pattern of development or will we perpetuate past follies?” it asks.

Solar scam

The editorial in the CPI weekly New Age focuses on the solar panel scam in Kerala. It calls for the resignation of Chief Minister Oommen Chandy,arguing that the complainant in the cheating case has himself claimed that the CM persuaded him to invest in the project in a government-run industrial park. “The solar Panel scam erupted last month after Saritha Nair and her partner Biju Radhakrishnan,who launched a firm called Team Solar,were arrested on complaints that they had collected large sums of money from the public promising them solar panels but did not deliver them. Chandy’s involvement came forth after his staff was found to have close links with Nair and Radhakrishnan….

“But the chief minister himself remains adamant. He is spinning stories to give an impression that he met the culprits to promote mining in the state. His meetings had nothing to do with Solar panel scam… The chief minister is also yet to explain as to how Saritha Nair was in high security Vigyan Bhavan of Delhi when Chandy was attending chief minister’s conference…” it argues. The editorial goes on claim the Congress high command is unable to take even token measures to curb the menace of loot of national and natural resources and moral degradation because the party in almost all states is very much factionalised.

Compiled by Manoj C.G.