Carnival of crooks

Carnival of crooks

The RSS weekly Organiser alleges that the UPA government has betrayed the aam aadmi by hiking petrol prices by Rs 7.50 per litre


The RSS weekly Organiser alleges that the UPA government has betrayed the aam aadmi by hiking petrol prices by Rs 7.50 per litre. “Administrative paralysis,corruption and price rise — in every respect it has outsmarted even the infamous Mohammed bin Tughlaq of the dark middle ages… the petrol hike has come as the last stab in the back of the tormented common man,” it says.

Contending that it does not make economic sense to raise petrol prices citing international crude prices at a time when prices are actually falling,the Organiser says in its editorial that crude prices have crossed $100 in the past but this is the first time that such a steep hike has been effected.

“Petrol is sold (for) the highest (price) in India,higher than even the neighbouring Pakistan,Bangladesh,China,Nepal and Sri Lanka. Two years ago when the international crude price was above $120,petrol was sold at around Rs 65 per litre. The only message that comes out of the present hike is that the Manmohan Singh government is(in cahoots) with the oil mafia in the country,” it alleged.


Maintaining that the average Indian is reeling under the terrible burden of double-digit inflation,the falling rupee,vanishing jobs,depressed industrial production and increasing costs of all social sector needs like health and education,the editorial said that the price hike is unjustifiable even as some economists argue otherwise.

“Manmohan Singh can blame a falling rupee… and international crude oil price for (the) petrol hike. But what is his explanation for double-digit inflation? Why is it that the cost of every consumer item across the board has risen by 25 to 50 per cent in the last six months,despite good monsoon and a bumper harvest? People have come to realise the government the UPA is running for a selected few at the expense of the large majority… Perhaps this is what the UPA celebrated on May 23. A carnival of the crooks,” says the Organiser.


After becoming the centre of attention at the recently concluded national executive of the BJP,Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi seems set on a course of image building. The Panchjanya has dedicated its latest issue to Gujarat,focusing on Modi’s achievements. The issue highlights progress in different areas,including the Gujarat government’s approach on the environment,the development of ports in the state,education,solar energy and general administration.


Continuing with its series on RSS ideologue M.S. Golwarkar or Guruji,as he was called,the Organiser contends that his views on Hinduism as an “all embracing… way of life” of the people of this country,and “not a narrow religion”,was endorsed by the Supreme Court almost half a century later. Quoting from the SC judgement in R.Y. Prabhoo vs P.K. Kunte,which is now popularly known as the Hindutva case,the article by S. Gurumurthy argues that the apex court,when called upon to consider whether Hindutva as an ideology was communal,accepted the conclusion that Hinduism “may broadly be described as a way of life and nothing more” and “does not satisfy the narrow traditional features of any religion or creed”.

The article says that Golwarkar’s views were criticised when he expressed them as Sarsanghachalak of the RSS,taking over as head of the organisation in 1940 until he passed away in 1973. The judgement came in 1995. “What Guruji spoke decades earlier was… consistent with the secular constitutional perspective of the Supreme Court regarding Hindutva. When Guruji spoke that what he did,his views were criticised as anti-secular and communal. But the very views of Guruji were later accepted and endorsed by… legal scrutiny (of) the Supreme Court. It only means that what Guruji spoke was ahead of his time” says Gurumurthy in his article.

Compiled by Swaraj Thapa