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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Boston Bangalored

The IED explosion in front of the BJP’s state headquarters in Bangalore has allowed the Sangh Parivar to hit back at the Congress

Written by Ravish Tiwari | Published: April 25, 2013 12:09:46 am


The IED explosion in front of the BJP’s state headquarters in Bangalore has allowed the Sangh Parivar to hit back at the Congress. Both Sangh Parivar mouthpieces have carried editorials blaming the “dreaded Islamic ideology” and the Congress’s “policy of appeasement” that allows terror to fester in the country. Citing the Boston Marathon attack and the Bangalore blasts as indicators of a fresh surge in terrorism,the Organiser’s editorial seeks to belittle the Congress’s apparent boldness in executing Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru. It argues that the government shouldn’t think “it has done more than enough”.

“The government of the day fails to understand that it has not done anything or rather it is still cultivating the politics of hatred and hate-mongering and the immediate tweet of the Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad following the Bangalore blast is a reminder as to how a party can stoop,” says the editorial. Despite the fact that Karnataka has a BJP government,the Organiser tries to pass the buck to the Congress-led Union government for not being able to stop the attack: “ The finger of accusation points to a callous and weak Central government which feels that everything will fall in place…” the editorial says. The editorial in Panchjanya also criticises Congress leader Shakeel Ahmad’s post-blast remarks and reminds the government to act decisively against terror.


The Organiser uses the report of Law Minister Ashwani Kumar’s attempt to interfere in the CBI’s affidavit on the coal block scam to launch a fresh attack on the Congress,accusing it of turning the CBI into the “Congress Bureau of Intimidation”. The cover story warns the Congress of the “storm ahead” and argues that “this shows that the Congress minister has scant regard for the top agency and wants the agency to dance according to its tune… If one goes through the present political situation of the country there are ample instances of the CBI being misused by the Congress party and the present regime”.

The Organiser claims that not only have the prime minister and law minister been cornered on this issue but that also “the Congress and the UPA [are finally seeing dark clouds over the horizon and the party will find it tough to survive”. A report in Panchjanya seeks to highlight the instability of the UPA in the wake of the withdrawal of support by the DMK and TMC,as well as Mulayam Singh’s veiled threats and Mayawati’s desperation.

A two-page report in the Organiser hits back at Nitish Kumar,reminding him of the “coalition dharma” that he needs to honour the same way Vajpayee had honoured it. It tells Nitish to win elections for the NDA first,before worrying about the PM question that “comes after the election”.


Panchjanya has carried a cover story on the drought in Maharashtra where it paints the IPL’s demands for water and the requirements of sugarcane growers and industry in a poor light. The Organiser has carried out a news report highlighting how the VHP is helping people in the drought-hit region. It highlights the VHP’s fodder camps where many people have taken shelter along with their cattle. The Panchjanya story asserts that sugarcane,grapes and banana farming has led to the drop in the water table,leading to a precarious situation in times of crisis.

Compiled by Ravish Tiwari

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