Black is not back

Black is not back

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Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claims made during his election campaign as “hollow” and “full of bluster”, the CPM’s People’s Democracy questions the claim that his government would ensure black money stashed away in foreign banks would be brought back and used to improve the lives of the people. “The Supreme Court had rapped the Modi government on its knuckles when it produced three names in return for the information sought by the apex court in a case on black money it has been hearing for the past five years.

These were the same names that the erstwhile UPA 2 government had made public,” says the editorial. It goes on to list other remarks made by the SC in this regard, calling these “unprecedented”, and claims the recent remarks show the “Modi government is shamelessly trying to protect those who stashed away black monies abroad.”

“This is in total contrast to all the tall promises made by Modi and the BJP during the election campaign. Bringing back black money stashed away in foreign banks was one of the biggest election promises,” the editorial adds.


The CPI’s New Age says the four Left parties are working on their resolve to widen the unity of the Left forces. “With the BJP-led NDA government in power at the Centre and capturing power in the two crucial states of Haryana and Maharashtra the threat of a total rightwards shift in the country’s policies, particularly the economic policies, has become real. Its ascent to power is not just the transfer of power from one party or combination to another set of parties. It is a fundamental change,” argues the editorial.


Claiming the NDA government represents a “combination of corporate capital, right-wing political and ideological entity”, the editorial states the government is “in a haste to ruthlessly impose the policies of neoliberalism that has caused immense loss to the national economy… Simultaneously, it has launched a virulent attack on the common people, particularly the working class…”

“With this grim scenario, it has become imperative to fight back the rightist offensive unitedly… Nobody can doubt the Left for its commitment to communal harmony and defence of secularism. People know and believe that the Left is the only genuine secular force in the country,” it concludes.

Compiled by Ruhi Tewari