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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Another world is possible

The lead editorial in CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy titled “Vote for People’s Alternative” once again extends a call for an alternative government at the centre while stressing that it was very much possible,post poll.....

Written by J.P. Yadav | Published: March 11, 2009 12:58:12 am

The lead editorial in CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy titled “Vote for People’s Alternative” once again extends a call for an alternative government at the centre while stressing that it was very much possible,post poll.  “Often the question arises: where is such an electoral alternative? Recollect that since the V.P Singh government of 1989,non-Congress non-BJP governments were formed post elections on the basis of alliances formed after the elections. This was true again in 1996 when the United Front was forged post elections. In fact,this is true for 2004 as well when the UPA was formed post elections. The challenges facing our country today demands that a similar situation must be created post 2009 elections”,the editorial says.

 The editorial examines the last assembly election results to underline that the space for non-Congress and non-BJP was gaining people’s support and indication that both the Congress and the BJP stand for similar kind of anti-people policies. “A careful examination of the results in the last round of assembly elections shows that the “others” — non-Congress,non-BJP parties — polled a significant percentage of votes… The political message is,thus,clear.

The people see very little difference between the policies pursued by the BJP and the Congress in redressing the issues of their livelihood. It is clear that if a political alternative based on sound alternative policies is forged,then people’s acceptance can be mustered”,the article argues.

It calls upon the masses to give their mandate for an alternative government at the centre. “The Indian people must brace themselves to meet this challenge. The 2009 general elections must give the mandate for a decisive shift in the policy trajectory of our country. This can only be brought about by a political alternative — a people’s alternative — that is capable of bringing about such a shift”. 

Laid off,and ignored

An article focussing on job losses due to the global economic slowdown says that employment loss was much higher than projected by the official figures,and goes on to blame the UPA government for being complacent: “Overall,therefore,the unfolding crisis is resulting in significant job losses across the country. What is surprising,however,is the lack of any sense of urgency on the part of the government in the face of this crisis¿The first sign of the government’s recognition that there was a slump in demand that needed direct action came only in December 2008. Unfortunately,the resulting response was limited,so that the economy and employment are still slipping.”

The article finds the UPA’s attitude puzzling and concludes that the Congress party has lost contact with the masses. “With the party having to depend on the prestige of one family and its scions to garner votes,this is not unlikely”,the article remarks.

Bangladesh revolt

The CPM mouthpiece expresses the opinion that the revolt in the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) was a conspiracy against the Sheikh Hasina government. “Political forces defeated in the Election are out to destabilise the Awami League led secular-democratic government. After the BDR revolt,statements made by former prime minister and BNP President Khaleda Zia,her party MP Salauddin Kader Chaudhury and also the statement made by Jamat e Islami Party indicates such sort of things”,it warns.

The article also focusses on Bangladeshi soil being used by “Islamic fundamentalist terrorists” against India. “Over last 38 years North-Eastern states of India and as well as West Bengal are facing brutal attack of armed extremist and secessionist groups who were trained and armed in Bangladesh territory”,it claims.

 Compiled by J.P. Yadav

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