Agony of the Innocent

The paper adds: “An important consideration is the question of compensation for the time (18 years) they spent in prison for a crime they had not committed.”

Published: October 12, 2012 3:07:27 am

Agony of the Innocent

The acquittal by the Supreme Court of 11 Muslims arrested by the Gujarat police under TADA in 1994 for an alleged conspiracy to cause violence during the Jagannath Yatra in Ahmedabad,and the court’s observation that the law should not be used wrongly to harass anybody on the basis of religion,has evoked a big response.

The daily Siasat,published from Hyderabad and Bangalore,in its editorial on September 27 writes: “Even though TADA had been repealed by the government,its effects are still lingering. But after this judgment of the SC,Indian Muslims should take credit that the justice system of secular India is prepared to protect innocent citizens. Muslims should gather the courage to demand their rights according to the principles of the Indian Constitution…”

The daily Rahnuma-e-Deccan,published from Hyderabad,in its editorial on October 3 writes: “The recent judgment of the SC has proved right the doubts and questions about TADA and POTA… The cases being contested should be processed seriously. The reports and evidence produced by the police and other investigative agencies should not be relied upon and evidence should be gathered from other reliable sources…” The paper adds: “An important consideration is the question of compensation for the time (18 years) they spent in prison for a crime they had not committed.”

Kejriwal vs Vadra

The multi-edition daily Inquilab,commenting on the Arvind Kejriwal-Robert Vadra controversy,in an editorial on October 9 writes: “Is Arvind Kejriwal campaigning against corruption or against the corrupt? If he has decided to confront the corrupt,his campaign can never take him to his perceived destination… Kejriwal’s revelations once again prove that he is active against only one political party and is not prepared to open his mouth against other parties…”

Delhi and Patna-based daily,Hamara Samaj,in its editorial on October 9 criticises Congress leaders for rejecting an investigation into Kejriwal’s allegations: “If there is nothing to hide,what is the point in rejecting the demand for investigation?”

The Delhi-based daily,Jadeed Khabar,writes: “It is also being said that an important person in the Congress itself played a role in these revelations because the Congress is a party that does not want a party member to become taller than his stature.”

Modi’s charges

Commenting on Narendra Modi’s allegations about the expenditure on UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s foreign visits,Rashtriya Sahara,in an editorial on October 3 writes: “This time Narendra Modi is looking befuddled. He is quickly changing the gears of his rath. First,he challenged Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi,saying that they would not come to Gujarat for the election campaign. When he learnt that Sonia Gandhi was to launch Congress’s election campaign from Rajkot,he suddenly changed gear and resorted to making allegations about the expenses of her foreign visits. Before that,he tried to spread the poison of communalism by saying that the Central government gave subsidy on the export of beef but not on the export of cotton. In other words,he implied that the Centre helps Muslims but not Hindus. Here,too,he slipped,as beef is exported not only by Muslims but also by non-Muslim traders.”

Lucknow-based weekly Jadeed Markaz writes: “When Modi’s lie was exposed,instead of apologising,he said that the people of the country have the right to know how much of their hard-earned money was spent on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign visits. Now the question being raised is why thousands of crores of taxpayer money is being spent on the security of the communal members of the RSS,including Modi and Advani,who are also facing criminal charges…”

Compiled by Seema Chishti

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