Assam NRC draft: 40 lakh people will be displaced…it is like Partition, says TMC leader

Assam NRC draft: 40 lakh people will be displaced…it is like Partition, says TMC leader

Senior TMC leader Sukhendu Sekhar Ray tells The Indian Express his party’s views on NRC.

TMC MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray (Express Photo by Prem Nath Pandey/File)

You had given notice under rule 267 to raise the issue of NRC. Why?

The final (draft NRC) list was published by Assam government today, eliminating almost 40 lakhs people who are permanent residents of the state. They will be displaced…it is a Partition-like situation. We wanted to draw the government’s attention (to the issue), and our party wanted the Prime Minister to come to the House and make a statement.

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What is your apprehension?

Our apprehension is that religious and linguistic minorities have been eliminated intentionally on political considerations. That is our argument. We wanted to raise that issue. Because the chief minister of Assam yesterday said that the final NRC will definitely be a win-win situation for all. (But) for whom is it a win-win situation? Where will these 40 lakh people go? Will any country offer and provide them shelter?

All of them are Bengalis?


Of course. Everyone who speaks Bangla have been termed Bangladeshis. Nobody can be termed Bangladeshi because he or she speaks Bangla.

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But the Assam government has said that the list is not final and applicants whose names are not included in the draft NRC can file claims and objections.

But how and why have (names of) these 40 lakh bona fide citizens, who have been residing in Assam, been eliminated? The government owes an explanation for that. They are citizens of this country. It is a clear violation of Article 10 and 11 of

The government says that all procedures were followed.

Had it been so, 40 lakh (names of) people could not have been eliminated. It is a clear elimination of 40 lakh linguistic and religious minorities. We want answers from the government.