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SFI student leader Sudipto Gupta’s father wants Mamata to return dead son

Inconsolable Pranab Kumar Gupta rejects compensation offer,says he will fight for justice.

When Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spoke to mediapersons at SSKM Hospital after making a surprise entry,she offered to “provide all possible help” to slain SFI member Sudipto Gupta’s family. “I have heard Sudipto is survived by his father and his sister. Sudipto’s father is alone and the government is ready to help and pay compensation if they want,” Mamata said.

Her words angered an inconsolable Pranab Kumar Gupta,the 63-year-old father of Sudipto,who rejected the offer and said he would fight till he gets justice.

Quick edit: Is Mamata playing the fiddle…

Autopsy indicates assault on SFI leader,CPM cries murder

“You (Mamata Banerjee) should not tempt me with money. I’m not a beggar. I won’t accept anything against my son’s life,” he told mediapersons.

“My son was beaten to death. Is this justice? I was a central government employee,and I get pension. I cannot accept any money. It is against my principle. She (Mamata Banerjee) can offer me money,but can she return my son?” he asked. “I want justice and arrest of the police officer who beat my son to death,” he added.