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‘Youngsters choose diverse careers in changing eco conditions’

Pursuing different careers is also much dependent on prevailing economic conditions.

With changing economic scenario and increasing choices,many youngsters are choosing careers that are different from what they are academically qualified for,according to experts.

The trend of people opting for different career paths are seen more among engineering students,they said.

Going by data compiled by Youth4work.com,a portal mainly for those pursuing graduation,only about 10 per cent of engineering students surveyed were planning to take up a job in the same sector.

Experts believe that pursuing different careers is also much dependent on prevailing economic conditions.


“… the choices are also governed by the economy and the booming sectors. For example for quite sometime in late 1990s,students form across the engineering domains,focused on IT jobs as that was booming across the world,” Edukart.com CEO Ishan Gupta said.

Also,students nowadays have more options beyond their formal education by way of online and offline courses. In addition,increasing number of companies are hiring people on the basis of their attitude and skills rather than just academic knowledge,experts added.

Data based on 4,000 students around the country by Youth4work.com showed that among those doing engineering courses,nearly 15 per cent were interested in careers related to writing,while 12 per cent wanted to move to fine arts area.

Among students doing business and administration courses,as much as 85 per cent showed interest to go into other areas like IT and animation.

Meanwhile,the trend of choosing a different career from what you are qualified for academically is also noticed in professionals.

Professional networking site ApnaCircle.com founder and CEO Yogesh Bansal said that 55 per cent of professionals registered with the portal have changed their industry in past one and half year.

Lack of job satisfaction,professional stagnation and monetary issues are some of the factors behind professionals changing their job fields,Bansal added.

“Job switches remain high. However,sticking with one organisation at an initial stage,helps in your career growth.

“It also provides a solid foundation and gives a candidate’s resume much needed credibility in terms of loyalty and sincerity towards his/her work,” Bansal said.