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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Women vote birth control pill as favourite invention

The bra was the second most influential product,with many hailing it as 'revolutionary'.

Written by Agencies | London | Published: April 5, 2012 4:03:44 pm

British women have voted the contraceptive pill as their favourite invention of the last century.

The survey,by pregnancy test firm Clearblue Plus,asked 2000 women to pick the inventions that had been most valuable to them.

Leading the poll was The Pill,with 65 percent of women heralding the control they now have over starting a family compared to previous generations.

The bra was the second most influential product,with many hailing it as “revolutionary”.

The washing machine came in at number three spot and was most popular with women over 45.

But major developments of the digital age,including the Internet,didn’t feature in the list at all.

“The list highlights the differences between the generations. For the older generation items such as the washing machine really did make a huge difference to their lives,” the Sun quoted Psychotherapist Christine Webber as saying.

“For the younger generation,products and designs such as the bra often enhance what they’ve already got.

“The Pill is also important because it gave women the freedom to choose when to have children and how many to have.

“It gave women a confidence we’d never had before,” Webber said.

“I agree with the findings,bras are one of the best inventions,” Clare Hughes,barmaid,from Hamble,Hants,said.

“In the past they were practical,now they’re more fashionable.

“When I’m wearing a nice bra it gives me a boost and makes my clothes look nicer. I’d never buy a cheap one.

The 33-year-old also gave a thumps up to the discovery of washing machine and wondered how women managed without them.

“It’s interesting to see that good design can have such a positive impact on women’s day-to-day lives,” Amy Jenkins,of Clearblue Plus,said.

Top 10 inventions

1 The contraceptive pill

2 The bra

3 The washing machine

4 Tampons

5 Pregnancy tests

6 Disposable nappies

7 Mascara

8 Jeans

9 Fresh prepared meals

10 Contact lenses (ANI)

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