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Woman’s kin booked for suicide on webcam

The Woman's husband and in-laws have been booked for dowry death

A day after she committed suicide while chatting on webcam,Shobhna Surti’s husband Swapnil Surve (28) and his parents were booked by the police on Thursday for dowry harassment and dowry death. The police have launched a manhunt for them.

On Wednesday it was reported that 26-year-old Shobhna had taken the extreme step while chatting with her boyfriend.

On Thursday,however,the police said that Swapnil allegedly had a secret marriage with Shobhna in March. Since it was without the consent or knowledge of their parents,they continued to live separately. Later,a formal wedding was planned in April,but it was called off after Shobhna’s parents failed to meet the dowry demand of Rs 25 lakh. The couple fought over the matter on Wednesday night and Swapnil allegedly threatened to remarry unless the dowry was paid.

Shobhna’s father,Manohar Surti,in his complaint to the police stated that Swapnil’s parents were demanding dowry. “Shobhna tried to convince Swapnil that her family would not be able to arrange for such a big amount,” said Inspector Vijay Khaire of Juhu police station.


The couple had frequent fights over the issue. Senthil Kumar,a neighbour,told the police that on Tuesday,Swapnil arrived in the evening at her Nehru Nagar residence and they fought over the issue.

The next day,around 7.30 pm,Shobhna called Swapnil and threatened to commit suicide. She switched on her webcam and told him to watch. Police suspect she may have tried to scare Swapnil. “She took a stole and hung herself by a rod next to the ceiling. She repeatedly said,‘Look,I am going to commit suicide’,” a police officer said.

“We sent her laptop to the forensic department to find if the webcam had recorded the incident and the conversation between Swapnil and the deceased,” said Khaire.