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Monday, December 09, 2019

Wired: The Greenwald deal

Malala believed she was defending traditional Islam.

Written by Sagar Shah | Published: October 22, 2013 2:47:08 am

Ryan Tate writes about how eBay’s $250 million investment into a general interest news show anchored by investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald could be “heartening for people who support uncompromising,relentless and controversial journalism”. He says it was a great week for online journalism,citing both the eBay-Greenwald deal and the $34 million investment by Venture capitalists in Vox Media — a publisher of technology and sports sites. Both deals have come at the heels of Amazon’s founder,Jeff Bezos,buying The Washington Post for $250 million. Tate believes that from a funding perspective,at least,it certainly looks like content is back,despite the fact that “content became a financial sinkhole the last time boomtime investors allowed themselves to get starry-eyed about words”. Tate,however,ends on a more cynical note:

“But even the best laid plans are no guarantee of success in the news business. Not 100 years ago,not 10 years ago,and certainly not today.”


Slurring Malala

Murtaza Hussain writes about atheist philosopher Sam Harris’s latest ‘missive’ in which he shows complete disregard for Malala Yousafzai’s opinions. Hussain writes that Hariss “uses her to continue his anti-Muslim war”. Harris stated that “Malala was doing what millions of Muslims are too terrified to do — stand up to the misogyny of traditional Islam”. Malala,however,had said,“the Taliban thinks we are not Muslims,but we are. We believe in God more than them”. Hussain criticises Harris,saying “anyone with a modicum of decency or respect for her would not use her suffering as a tool to attack the very things she is fighting to defend”. Hussain believes that for Harris it doesn’t matter whether Malala believed she was defending traditional Islam,because anyone who tries to differentiate Islam from the acts of extremists are part of the – what Harris would say – “tsunami of stupidity and violence”.


Climate myths

Will Steffen says that media reports and articles based on leaked versions of the IPCC draft were aimed at distorting,misrepresenting or undermining the IPCC’s assessment. “This type of media coverage frequently states or infers that the warming of the Earth has stopped and thus action on climate change can be slowed or de-prioritised.” Now that the report has been released,it is clear that the Earth has not stopped warming,he says.

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