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Will continue caste rallies with a few changes: Mayawati

Modi,who claims to be a Hindu nationalist,should study the Constitution,says Mayawati.

Reacting to the Allahabad High Court’s interim order banning caste-based rallies in Uttar Pradesh,BSP president Mayawati on Sunday said the Indian society is “centred on the caste system” which has been the main cause of its unequal structure,and her party was trying to unite various castes by these rallies to achieve “its objective of creating an egalitarian society”.

Talking to reporters at the BSP state headquarters,the former chief minister said her party would,however,change the names of these rallies and programmes to sarva samaj sammelans (all-caste conventions) and make some other changes,keeping in mind the interim order of the court and objection by some people. However,the party will continue “this campaign until the unequal system based on caste gets changed”,she said.

Mayawati said the BSP was organising these rallies to create harmony among various castes for a “social change” and the creation of a samtamulak samaj (egalitarian society). She said all the caste conventions organised by the BSP in recent times and the recent Brahmin Samaj Bhaichara rally held in Lucknow on July 7 were organised to unite different castes and not to create disharmony among them. She said her party deserved praise and not criticism for doing this,and this was why the BSP was not just a political party but also a social movement.

The former CM said as the court has cited the Constitution for banning caste-based rallies,she would request the court to also ban organisations like RSS,VHP and Bajrang Dal,which frame strategies of the BJP and also decide the party’s prime ministerial and chief ministerial candidates,because the Constitution does not permit politics on the basis of religion.


Referring to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s “puppy” remark,she said that her party condemns the statement. She said Modi,who claims to be a Hindu nationalist,should study the Constitution which is based on the principles of secularism and not Hindutva.

She warned her party’s Lok Sabha member Vijay Bahadur Singh for praising Modi. “He has been indulging in the habit of making wrong statements for long and this is why he has been denied the ticket to contest Lok Sabha elections and also does not have any organisational responsibility. This is my last warning to him to be disciplined or he should leave the party. Otherwise,he will be suspended and could also be expelled,” she said.

She said that the Congress and BJP were indulging in “dirty politics” by raising the issue of Ramjanmabhoomi and Babri Masjid in Faizabad. She said this attempt by these parties to woo Hindu and Muslim votes was not a good sign for the secular country. Mayawati said the BSP would request the Supreme Court to take congnisance of these happenings in Faizabad and issue an order to save secularism in the country.