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Monday, July 23, 2018

What the world is reading

Referring to the anti-Islam video that triggered riots across the Middle East,William Saletan says,“Dear Muslims,Christians,Hindus,and Jews

Written by Shreya Sareen | Published: September 18, 2012 1:56:47 am


Peace be upon you

Referring to the anti-Islam video that triggered riots across the Middle East,William Saletan says,“Dear Muslims,Christians,Hindus,and Jews. You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked. Get over it. If you don’t,it will happen again and again.” Saletan further writes,“When the protests broke out,the guy who made the movie claimed to be an Israeli Jew. Now,he says he’s a Coptic Christian,even though Coptic Christian leaders in Egypt and US despise the movie. The spread of digital technology makes it possible to reach every corner of the globe instantly. But if you don’t cooperate,the bomb doesn’t explode.”

New Statesman

Kate Middleton’s topless photos

The most recent celebrity to be caught in a topless photo scandal is the Duchess of Cambridge. Calling it the grossest invasion of privacy,Steven Baxter writes,“With every fresh photo set,there’s a testing of boundaries going on. The photographs of Kate were taken while she and William were on holiday.” Drawing a contrast between Prince Harry’s pictures and Middleton’s,Baxter says,“He was mucking about in a Las Vegas suite. He wasn’t acting in a way that didn’t attract attention. Kate,on the other hand,is not being drunk,but just standing there. What justification can there be for that?”

The Globe and Mail

Grunting in tennis? Stop that racket

Apart from giving us some great tennis,the US Open also gave us “some terrible mouth music,” says Jon Peirce. Mocking at the grunting levels in tennis,he writes,“Seasoned practitioners of the high-decibel aerobic grunt,like Maria Sharapova,managed to sound like sopranos. Sharapova has officially been measured at 101 decibels,just nine below a lion’s roar.” The grunts,though,have been with tennis for long. “In 1988,Ivan Lendl accused Andre Agassi of throwing off his timing with grunting at the US Open. Tennis bodies have come up with a draft policy that would allow existing grunters to continue but would ban the practice among new players.”

Foreign Policy

Don’t give up on Arab Spring

The killing of Christopher Stevens,the US Ambassador to Libya,should be enough for Americans to feel betrayed. After all,Stevens was a friend of the anti-Gaddafi rebels and they hadn’t the US liberated Libya from the tyrant’s clutches? Shadi Hamid writes,“Anti-American anger,even in Libya,most pro-American country in the Arab world,remains palpable,lingering underneath the surface of apparent gratitude. But,that aside,even if the United States did everything on Arabs’ wish lists,there would remain a small,influential fringe that would find another reason to hate—or at least dislike and distrust—the United States.” Much of this anger has to do with the US’s past actions—when a Western-backed military coup aborted a democratic transition in Algeria in 1991 and when a CIA-sponsored coup toppled Iran’s democratically elected prime minister in 1953. “These dates,far from a remote,forgotten history,are very much alive for those who still suffer the consequences of those tragedies. Anti-Americanism can diminish,and probably will,but to expect an overnight transformation is fantasy,” Hamid says. But if the US gives up on the Middle East,“it would be a grave mistake…Disengaging from the Arab world is what Salafi extremists—not to mention Arab dictators—want.”

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