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What the world is reading

Richard Williams touches upon the profound influence of Miles Davis’s masterpiece,Kind of Blue,on music. “It was as if Davis had tapped into something more profound...

The sound of isolation/THE GUARDIAN

Richard Williams touches upon the profound influence of Miles Davis’s masterpiece,Kind of Blue,on music. “It was as if Davis had tapped into something more profound than a taste for a particular set of musical sounds: he had uncovered a desire to change the scenery of life.” Miles Davis’s masterpiece was in 2008 certified quadruple platinum for sales by the Recording Industry Association of America. Williams tells us what Davis and six other musicians achieved “during the course of a mere nine hours spread over two days in the spring of 1959” as they recorded for Kind of Blue.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man/THE NEW YORKER

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr caught the headlines and even the President’s attention when he was arrested on suspicion of breaking into his own house and locked up for “tumultuous behaviour”. Could he be accused of playing the race card—”a phrase that itself infuriates many blacks.” In this article written in 1995,Gates explores America’s reaction to the verdict in the OJ Simpson case: “black indignation at white anger at black jubilation at Simpson’s acquittal”. And while looking into narrative and counter-narrative,sexual racial politics,gender dynamics and patriarchy,he,perhaps most tellingly,reveals his fear of the police—”Wynton Marsalis says,‘My worst fear is to have to go before the criminal-justice system.’ Absurdly enough,it’s mine,too.”


Love at the Greeting Card Company: Best Wishes on Your Breakup/THE NEW YORK TIMES

(500) Days of Summer may be all over Facebook but wants to stay away from the usual otherwise; it is “not a love story” but “a story about love…,a story about how love can be confusing,contingent and asymmetrical,and about how love can fail,” writes A.O. Scott. No “dudes want smut,ladies want weddings” but “a winsome,accessible movie about more-or-less recognisable young people navigating the murky waters of post-sexual-revolutionary,midrecessionary heterosexual attraction…” The perfect movie to round up the summer?

How the forces finally learnt to take pride/THE INDEPENDENT

Ten years after the ban on homosexuality was lifted in the UK,gays and lesbians in the British armed forces come out. Terri Judd writes about how a gay soldier has posed “in his dress uniform,complete with Iraq medal,next to the headline ‘Pride’” on the cover of Soldier,the British Army’s official magazine. More importantly,“British servicemen and women now march at Gay Pride in uniform…and a few months ago,the head of the British Army,General Sir Richard Dannatt,made history when he became the first army chief to address a Lesbian,Gay,Bi-sexual and Transgender conference. At the bottom of the article is a list of probable ‘Gay heroes’ and it includes King Richard I and Lawrence of Arabia.

Terry pledges future to Chelsea/BBC FOOTBALL

Will he,won’t he? It’s been a summer of excesses in the world of football and crazy money has been changing hands. But it looks like Chelsea’s Captain Fantastic John Terry doesn’t want in. Having resisted the temptation of the 250,000 pounds-a-week on offer at Manchester City,the 28-year-old has come out and said,“I am totally committed to Chelsea,always have been. Me leaving was never a possibility.” And it’s not as if Chelsea need the 40 million pounds that would have come their way. Pocket change really.