We get no credit,only blame… would never have happened in US: Neeraj Kumarhttps://indianexpress.com/article/news-archive/web/we-get-no-credit-only-blame-would-never-have-happened-in-us-neeraj-kumar/

We get no credit,only blame… would never have happened in US: Neeraj Kumar

In an interaction at The Indian Express,Delhi top cop says Indians don't appreciate each other.

Delhi’s embattled police commissioner Neeraj Kumar Tuesday sought to counter the criticism against his force over crimes against women saying there was no appreciation for the achievements of the police in India unlike in some other countries.

Alluding to speculation that he could be removed amid demands for his resignation,Kumar said he would accept any government decision with humility. But he could not hide his apprehension about what could be in store for him.

Asked if there had been any discussion with the government about moving on from his post,Kumar,who is due to retire in July,said: “I am reminded of a couplet by Ghalib,and I hope it is not premature to cite it: ‘Thi khabar garm ki Ghalib ke udenge purze. Dekhne hum bhi gaye the,par tamasha na hua’ (It was widely rumoured that Ghalib would be blown to pieces. I too went to watch but the spectacle never occurred). I hope I have not said it prematurely.”

“We solved the Defence Colony bank heist,the December 16 gangrape and BSP MLA Deepak Bhardwaj’s murder. But we got absolutely no appreciation for solving them,” Kumar said at a Idea Exchange interaction at The Indian Express.


“What would have happened in the United States if the Pentagon was attacked and the case was solved within 72 hours? The president would have called and felicitated them,their photographs would have been published on Time magazine’s cover page.”

“Our responses are different. We do not appreciate each other. If a good case of detection happens,nobody calls me to say I have done a great job. The (1993) Bombay bomb blasts case ended in conviction in the Supreme Court. And not even the CBI I was part of called me to appreciate,” Kumar said.

He cited this month’s bomb attack during the Boston marathon and asked if the two parties in the US tried to blame each other for the incident.

“Their response was that there is a common enemy. In this case,it was a terrorist and they shot him dead. And they shut the city for 2-3 days… Can you imagine a situation like that in India?” he asked.

Kumar claimed that a “strong lobby” of people he had prosecuted during his stint in the CBI was working against him and trying to get him removed.