Unfair to target Modi after clean chit,says BJP

Arun Jaitley,stressed that Modi had been vindicated by the electoral as well as the judicial process.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 4, 2014 4:56:00 am

Dismissing suggestions that the BJP would be damaged by PM Manmohan Singh targeting its PM candidate Narendra Modi,the main opposition party Friday condemned Singh’s scathing attack on the Gujarat CM,citing the clean chit to him by an Ahmedabad court.

“It is unfortunate and highly condemnable that in spite of getting a clean chit from the court and SIT,Narendra Modi has been targeted by the PM,” BJP president Rajnath Singh said,hours after Singh had said that Modi as PM would be “disastrous” for the country.

The PM had also lashed out at Modi by accusing him of presiding over a mass massacre of innocent citizens on the streets of Ahmedabad,referring to the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat.

The leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha,Arun Jaitley,stressed that Modi had been vindicated by the electoral as well as the judicial process.

“He today manufactured a new logic that corruption happened during UPA-1 and he won the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. It is the first time a PM has argued that electoral sanction of a corrupt government wipes out the corruption,” Jaitley said. “If his logic is accepted that the taint of 2G spectrum scam and coal block allotment scam is wiped out,then he should have accepted the electoral verdicts of 2002,2007 and 2012. The benefit of his own logic should be extended to Modi as well,” Jaitley said referring to Modi’s victories in Gujarat.

“The Supreme Court appointed SIT and the courts have both vindicated him. The electorate gave him a thumbs up thrice,” Jaitley said in a signed article and said that the PM had belittled the status of his position by targeting Modi.

“Opinion polls indicate that he is the most popular leader in race for becoming the PM and yet Dr Manmohan Singh used phrases like ‘disastrous’ and ‘mass murder’…. By using this phraseology the PM has demeaned his office. Is he willing to use the same phraseology for the PM as on 1st November,1984 during whose tenure the worst ever genocide in the country took place against the Sikh community and for which nobody till date has been held responsible,” Jaitley said.

Jaitley,in this context,dismissed suggestions that the PM’s remarks would damage the BJP’s prospects in the elections as also suggestions that he making way for Rahul Gandhi would pose a challenge to the BJP. “Whether it does damage or benefit Modi,only people will tell. Sonia Gandhi’s remarks did not damage him,” Jaitley said at the press conference,referring to the Congress president calling Modi ‘maut ka saudagar’ (merchant of death) years earlier during an election campaign.

“If after 10 years in Parliament one calls Rahul Gandhi as untested,it only reflects how much or how little impact he had in last 10 years,” he said in response to another question.

Jaitley summarised the PM’s press conference as a “formality” to announce his own “farewell” but underlined that he came out as a “bitter” person. “If we read between the lines,he admits that his government failed to curb corruption,check unemployment and contain inflation. Still,he was looking for arguments to suggest that he provided good governance. He should have introspected,” Jaitley said,pointing out that “history will judge” him and “time will tell” were the PM’s most frequent responses.

“In a democracy,time does not tell us. Voters tell us. They tell us emphatically. There may be two views of what historians have to say,but only one view what voters would have to say. It is not going to be flattering for him,” Jaitley said.

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