TRAI forbids withdrawing porting requests

TRAI forbids withdrawing porting requests

Telecom regulator tells mobile cos: Don't entertain pleas to withdraw porting requests.

The telecom regulator has asked mobile-service providers not to entertain any pleas from customers to withdraw requests to switch operators while retaining their phone numbers.

Previous rules allowed customers to withdraw their mobile-number portability requests within 24 hours.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) also asked operators not to reject porting requests except under existing regulations.

“The authority… hereby directs all cellular mobile telephone service providers and unified access service providers,acting as donor operators,not to entertain any request from the subscriber for cancellation or withdrawal of porting request and not to reject a porting request except on the grounds mentioned under section 12 of the Telecommunications Mobile Number Portability Regulations,” TRAI’s direction said.


Section 12 of the regulations say that donor operators can reject porting requests of the customer if subscribers wish to retain her number while moving to a new service area and if they are made 90 days before activating a new connection.

Operators can also reject porting requests if subscribers have has outstanding bills and the unique porting code mentioned in the request does not match the one given by the operator that the user wishes to leave.

The new rules come three weeks after the Supreme Court cancelled 122 2G licences granted in January 2008.

After the judgment,one of the three largest operators by subscriptions asked TRAI to ease its mobile-number portability rules,an official said.

TRAI said the affected operators had reported 53,718 requests from subscribers to move away from operators that had been affected in the week following the judgment.

In contrast,it received 20,792 requests to switch to the affected operators.

Of the affected operators,Etisalat DB had 16.7 million subscriptions,S Tel had 35.5 million subscriptions at the end of December.