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Anti-cellulite massages are not a permanent solution,say experts

Written by Ishita Yadav | Published: February 8, 2009 11:55:21 am

Anti-cellulite massages are not a permanent solution,say experts
If you thought going for cellulite massages will help you lose weight,think again. Cellulite—a deposit of fat under the skin’s first layer—gives the skin a dimpled,orange-peel like appearance and crops up in areas such as the abdomen,hips,thighs and buttocks. But cellulite does not necessarily mean that you are overweight,and being overweight does not mean you have cellulite. One can be of normal weight and still have it. “It’s very common. About 85 per cent of all women have it,whether they are thin or fat,” say Dr SK Aggarwal,internal medicine,Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals,Delhi. “Women go to parlours and get anti-cellulite massages thinking that it will help them lose weight,even when they don’t have cellulite,” concurs Dr Venkat Rao Abbineni,internal medicine,Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals,Hyderabad.

But for those who do have it,a balanced diet,drinking lots of water and a regular exercise can help improve muscle tone and thus reduce cellulite. Other than this,there are anti-cellulite massages that help you fight it.

Manual lymphatic drainage
The lymphatic system in our body absorbs and transports fatty acids and fat from the skin cells to the circulatory system. Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique of gentle lymph massage that enhances and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes more rapidly from around the cells and in the tissues. This helps reduce cellulite. “The effects are only temporary though,as it has not been shown to reduce dimpling in the long term. One will have to go for this treatment on a regular basis to keep the cellulite away,” says Dr Abbineni.

Deep-Tissue Massage
This method loosens the connective tissue under the skin so that it moves more freely and no longer adheres to underlying structures. “The deep-tissue massage does not remove fat cells. It reduces cellulite,thus improving the appearance of the skin and even removing scars. Plus,it also speeds up the transportation of nutrients to the tissues,” says Dr Aggarwal. But areas with cellulite are sensitive,so if too much pressure is applied during this massage,you may end up damaging your blood vessels.

Body Wraps
These work by inducing sweating and causing water loss from the body. The body is wrapped up in a herb-soaked cloth to increase circulation,while lying on a thermal blanket to keep it warm. After an hour,the body is unwrapped and then massaged to enhance circulation. The herbal wraps improve the texture of the skin because of cellulite reduction. “People with high blood pressure and pregnant women should not go for a body wrap as the increase in internal temperature can be harmful,” says Dr Aggarwal. u

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