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<B><font color="#cc000">Phir kabhi</font></B> <B>Moser Baer; Rs 99.</B>

Written by Shubhra Gupta | Published: September 19, 2009 10:18:49 pm

Phir kabhi

Moser Baer; Rs 99.

The just-out Phir Kabhi is the first Hindi film to release direct on DVD,and opens a welcome new avenue in the film-viewing experience. Till now,a brand new film was to be had only in theatres. Now,you can bypass the over-salted,overpriced popcorn,and watch it at your time,at your place.

Who will come to a multiplex to watch a Mithun Chakraborty- Dimple Kapadia- Rati Agnihotri film,even if it is hot off the presses? Especially in hyper-marketed times,with stars whose names do not end in Khan and Kapoor? Phir Kabhi is a ‘mature’ love story,which in Hindi cinema terms could mean anyone over 25 years of age. Mithun has a full head of grey hair,not just streaks. So do Rati,and Dimple,who also dare to show a wrinkle or two. Would you go for a one-time,one-person Rs 200 ticket for this trio? Unlikely. But a DVD,for multiple viewings,at Rs 99? Why not?

The film opens with Mithun coming to terms with the loss of his dearly beloved wife (Rati,making a quick exit),and discovering,quite by accident,a long-lost love (Dimple,resplendent in handspun cottons). There’s a great deal of flashing back (the two as high school kids,frolicking by the river),and catching up at a re-union.

What stands out in this fairly ordinary story,told fairly ordinarily,is the relationship that re-ignites between Mithun and Dimple. He left her because he didn’t have the courage to stand up to his authoritarian father; now he’s about to abandon her again because of the disapproval of his daughter-in-law. His perky granddaughter shows the old man the way,and love—is umar mein bhi—wins out. This could have been a better film,but the more important fact is that it actually exists. The music,by Shantanu Moitra,is lovely,though. Close your eyes,and listen.

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