Thoda Love Thoda Break

Thoda Love Thoda Break

Kunal Kohli may have shifted focus from direction to production but the stickler that he is,his next again is a love story...

Kunal Kohli may have shifted focus from direction to production but the stickler that he is,his next again is a love story…

You said you worked on Danish’s story. Being experienced,did you make any changes or modifications on it?
I would say it was a process. Though changes were made,I cannot pinpoint them exactly. We worked together towards making a better film.

You trusted Danish enough to shoulder the entire responsibility of your film. Yet as a first-time director,how did you find him coping up with the job?
I have known Danish for a long time since the days when he was assistant director to Farhan Akhtar during Lakshya and to Ashutosh Gowariker on Swades. He worked on Being Cyrus as well. Later he assisted me during my films Fanaa and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. From what I have seen of him,he has his own style of working. He is very focussed and has a clear thought process. He knows exactly what he wants from his team and also knows how to extract exactly that from them. I have needed to interfere in his work because he was the one who ran my set ever earlier and he did so this time as well.

You are calling Break Ke Baad,a romantic coming-of-age dramedy. This is a new term. Please explain.
(Laughs) Break Ke Baad is exactly that,a romantic coming-of-age dramedy. I would say the term makes justice to the film. It is comedy and drama spiced with romance. What is interesting is that the term ‘dramedy’ was coined by Imran Khan. In fact,he loves inventing new words. That,I think,is his speciality.


Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan have been paired for the first time. Being a young pair,was it tough to handle them?
Deepika and Imran are the best people to work with. I have watched this film and I have also seen their earlier films. They were good and they are fabulous as a team. Both have been very co-operative and professional. They are very nice people and jelled well with the all-young team. They never made Danish feel that this was his first film and gave him their 100 per cent.It was a very enthusiastic team that not only worked hard but also partied very hard.

Since it is a love story,isn’t chemistry between the couple mandatory?
I have understood that unless there is chemistry on paper when writing the script,it is not easy to translate the same on screen. The director has to first get that right. Chemistry is like an ammunition for the film,especially for a love story.

The film also has some very talented actors on board.

I would say I was very lucky to have such wonderfully talented people in the film. Sharmila Tagore,Navin Nischol,Lillette Dubey,Shahana Goswami and Yudhisthir Urs,all added good energy to the film. There are certain scenes between Sharmilaji,Lillette and Shahana that take the film to an entirely different level. I enjoyed watching them on the sets and trust me,they are amazing. As directors,we love good actors as they give us a permanent high.

How would you rate the music of the film?
Prasoon Joshi has penned some very good lyrics which in turn has helped Vishal-Shekhar give some excellent music. I am glad to be associated with such talented people. I am also happy that the music of the film has turned out so well.

The film is based on giving space in a relationships. Do you believe in this?
I believe in giving space in a relationship but that does not mean breaking it.

How have you evolved as a filmmaker?
This is a tough question. (Long pause) I think every maker evolves with each film. I believe that every film is a learning process and whether it is the director or a producer,he gets to learn something new with every film. So as long as I keep making films,I guess,I shall keep evolving.

What does a Friday mean to you?
It is the day of jitters and nervousness. Break … has been an emotional journey for all of us. It is my production and Danish’s directorial debut. Even though I have a decent body of work behind me,it is unfortunate that people from within and outside the industry have not forgotten that my last film Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic did not do well. The film industry is an unforgiving place where you are judged by the performance of your last film. The success of a film means a path to make more films. By the way,my next,again a romantic film,will go on floors in March. Not yet titled,the film will be shot in India. Though the girl is not yet decided,Shahid Kapoor is the hero.